Accommodations for TEXT-AND-TALK TEFL Course Trainees
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Accommodations for TEXT-AND-TALK TEFL Course Trainees

Regardless of the location you choose to dd your TEFL Course with TEXT-AND-TALK Academy, we will provide you upon arrival with a full list of nearby accommodations which are safe, affordable and furnished with the basics. We do ask that you not attempt, or have us attempt, to reserve accommodations in advance, as we are not equipped to make a deposit on your behalf for facilities that might not suit you when you have a chance to see them. Therefore, after you arrive, drop off your luggage with us, take our list, and go choose the place with your own eyes where you know you will be comfortable while doing our course! Do keep in mind that following completion of our course you will gain employment, and will then wish to move closer to your job location, which means that your stay in the chosen accommodations will probably be only temporary.


Most people are amazed at how much they can get for so little in our part of the city! Accommodations in Bangkok, unless they are located within the expensive business or tourist sectors, are quite inexpensive. Certainly, if you are well-to-do and always stay "first class" wherever you go, you will find an ample number of housing selections to suit your needs.

For most of us, however, "good accommodations" means housing located near the school where one will be working and/or attending classes; and these include (at least) air-conditioning, basic but good quality furniture, a telephone, a private bathroom with shower and hot water and, generally, a refrigerator and cable for hooking up a t.v. (Rental of a t.v. is generally about an extra US$11-12 per month.)

Poonchock (P) Mansion 5-star services apartment building, kitchen, lounge and workout area

Such accommodations are usually available near our school for about US$150-200. Serviced 5-star apartments may also be available nearby for about 6,000 baht ($200) a month, and, if so, these are located near a full shopping mall, movie theatres, excellent restaurants, and even the entrance to the subway! See Phoonchock Mansion website for details. Most apartments consist of one-room flats, or apartments (fairly large in size). Places with bathtubs, unfortunately, are sometimes hard to find. Flats of more than one room are not available at the price quoted above. Two-room apartments, perhaps with a swimming pool or sauna, are available for about US$300, or just a bit more than that, but are often not readily available, and some time must be spent in seeking them out.

A one-month security deposit is charged when you move in, and this is fully refunded, generally, when you move out, less any utility or other bills you might be owing. Other similar accommodations are available just a short ride from us, and 2-room apartments with swimming pool or sauna can be obtained, as we mentioned earlier, for about twice the above price, but generally require a considerable amount of time on our part in locating them and are available only for lease periods of 6-12 months.

In most cases, until you have a chance to change your currency to Thai baht, we will be able to reserve a place for you to stay without your having to make an immediate advance deposit. So, unless you already have a place to stay, just let us know, and we will be happy to help you find a place with a short-term lease where you can be comfortable while your training (and any subsequent teaching work done for TEXT-AND-TALK) is going on! For more information, e-mail our TEFL Course Enrollments Director, Mr James Parmelee.

thai accommodations







Chiangmai has probably the least expensive accommodations of all our course locations, ranging from US $100 to $150 per month (or less), within walking distance of our academy, to $250-$300 for a luxurious home in a quiet, healthful location generally just a short ride away. Upon your enrollment in our course, you will receive ample help in choosing just the right place to fit your needs, as well as your budget. For more information, e-mail the Chiangmai trainer: Mr Moz Denn.


Khon Kaen has many comfortable and affordable accommodations close to the Khon Kaen University campus, where our course is held. For more information, e-mail the Khon Kaen trainer: Mr Ty Hanson.


Temporary accommodations in Pattaya are safe, reasonably priced and located near our TEFL Course training location. For further information, please contact Khun Aom by e-mail at or call the school on: +66 38 410 655 if you are abroad, or 038 410 655 if you are in Thailand. During and after the course, the teaching staff will also give you any needed direction to find work and start your career in Thailand.

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