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TEFL Courses Agent Application


Agreement. You agree to promote and help sell our TEFL Course training to others, and earn a very substantial commission for each qualified and fully-paid enrollee you acquire, to whom in order to assist you in your efforts we will also authorize a special incentive for them to enroll through you only!

Our Academy will evaluate your application, and if we approve it will respond with details of our arrangement for you to consider within 24 hours or less, after noting your full compliance with the following required information and agreements. Please be advised: Any omitted information will nullify your application! Kindly choose 'Yes' or 'No', where that is an option, and if a question about your website does not apply to you, enter 'N/A' or 'None'.

Please fill in and submit the following information:

Full name and surname
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I agree to link my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and all such social media accounts that I have to my own URL, or to yours if I have none, and to invite all of my friends there to do the same, in order to optimise my TEFL Course marketing activities for your Academy



Do I understand that to assist my marketing efforts I will also be authorized by you to extend special incentives to persons I enroll in your TEFL Course?



Receipt of commissions:

I prefer to receive my commissions up front from enrollee deposits


I prefer to be paid my commissions by bank transfer from your Academy

My email address
REQUIRED: I agree to post the following link from my website (if I have one) to your website within 24 hours from now



Site title: Guaranteed Job TEFL Courses for Learner Groups Worldwide

Description: Train in the Land of Smiles and qualify to teach ESL or EFL anywhere! Accredited TEFL Courses conducted in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen, Thailand. More than 3,000 employed graduates teaching worldwide! Free visa and accommodations assistance and a guaranteed job for graduates.