TEFL Course Trainer Extraordinaire, Albert Venter
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Trainer Extraordinaire: Albert Venter!

About Albert Venter:

Albert Venter, far left back row, is a particularly kind and helpful trainer, who at the same time is extraordinarily experienced and qualified as both a teacher and trainer for our TEFL Courses. Albert travels a considerable distance each morning to conduct our Bangkok Academy's TEFL Course training class with extraordinary skill. Many and many a professional ESL/EFL teacher has passed through Albert's class and is now living his or her dream as a successful and well-paid English teacher in the Land of Smiles! Albert would make you feel welcome also.

Here in Albert's own words are his description of his job:

Why I train teachers for TEXT-AND-TALK Academy.

TEFL Course trainer Albert VenterEvery six weeks I get the opportunity to see a new group of trainees complete James Parmelee’s unique TEFL course. I say unique because I haven’t encountered any other program/course that prepares prospective teachers for the unique challenges that face Asian learners when learning English as a Foreign or Second Language. It also prepares educators on the unique challenges that they’ll encounter when they start planning and teaching lessons to a variety of learner levels and ages.

The reason I love my job is that I get to work with people who are in the process of transforming themselves, and I get to facilitate a tiny part of that process. I’m passionate about effective communication and producing well-prepared, effective teachers.

New teachers focus on the lessons they’ll teach, but the lessons you’ll learn along the way are truly priceless.

I enjoy passing my knowledge and experience on to my trainees. However, what is even more rewarding is watching my trainees' eyes being opened about how to teach successfully to Thais and other Asian learners of English, as they never cease to be amazed about what they learn of the Thai culture in our course, and discover at the same time why their Thai friends and loved ones often have expressed themselves as they have in the past.

I look forward to having you also in our eye-opening class! See you soon!

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Albert Venter is truly the TEFL Course trainer who can help you realize your dreams if you want to teach in the Land of Smiles.

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