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Thailand TEFL Course Former Trainer
Andrew Morris Speaks up!

What I bring to the TEFL Course

I originally did my TEFL certificate course back in 2001 at TEXT-AND-TALK Academy here in Bangkok, back then over a period of eight weeks.

TEXT-AND-TALK trainer Andrew MorrisIn the time since then I haven't stopped learning and striving to do better as a teacher, and now for the past two years as a trainer. Indeed, to be successful as a teacher, you should view the attainment of your hard-earned certificate as a vital first step in building your new career, while being always aware that you still need practical experience in the real world of EFL teaching to be at your best. Of course, that will come, because you will be in demand as a trained teacher!

For me when I trained, the course gave me a welcome brush-up on my grammar and the way to organize a lesson; insight into the mysterious world of the 3P's (Present, Practice, Produce); and a fascinating in-depth look into the problems facing Asian learners of English and how to help with them.

But the overwhelming benefit to me was the confidence to step into a classroom and teach an interesting and successful lesson! Over the past nine years, I've taught classes from Kindergarteners to adults, and one-on-ones up to fifty-plus teenage boys. Some lessons worked very well and others not quite so well, which is the nature of teaching, especially when one is starting out.

The inner strength I gained on the course, coupled with a sense of humour, flexibility and organization, has seen me through my career. The other thing that keeps one going is the tremendous sense of accomplishment I get when a lesson just clicks and they get it. The smile on a child's face when they overcome their fear of English and converse naturally makes it all worthwhile. So you can also put me down as someone who cares about what he does.

Now, as a trainer myself of TEXT-AND-TALK's TEFL Course, I learned through my teaching experiences how to condense effectively into thae curently shorter time frame what took me eight weeks to absorb myself. It also helps that the seven modules of our course are with our course graduates at all times for reference after the course is over, in the event that a graduate needs to be refreshed on some subject that was covered in adequate, but less than great, detail during training.

As a TEFL Course trainer, I aimed to instill in my trainees that same confidence and passion for teaching which I have myself, and to guide and encourage him or her to achieve success in what is an intensive course. You will work hard, but along the way you'll have a few laughs and you'll pick up the knowledge to get out there and survive and do well in the world of ESL/EFL teaching. My own trainees also benefitted from the nine years of experience I had of teaching here in Thailand, to help them avoid some of the pitfalls that await the untrained and uninformed.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Modest but amazing Andrew Morris was one of our several outstanding trainers that we have had conducting the TEFL Course in Bangkok, as he notes above.

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