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A New City, A New Life

by: "Moz" and "Aom", our Chiangmai TEFL Course Directors

Chiang Mai GardenChiangmai (also spelled "Chiang Mai" and "Chiengmai") appropriately means "New City". We write 'appropriately' because Chiangmai has enabled hundreds of our graduates to live in a "New City" and launch fresh starts in a new and rewarding career.

Chiangmai has long been a popular destination for those wishing to work in Thailand, but who prefer a slower pace of life than that offered by Bangkok. Although a modern city, Chiangmai still has much charm. The people of Chiangmai are proud of the city's history and culture, which date back over 700 years. TEXT-AND-TALK Academy, Chiangmai, is by far the most beautiful, luxurious and centrally located school in historical Chiangmai; TEXT-AND-TALK is located at 17/1 Kotchasan Road just across the plaza from the famous Tha Pae Gate.

Due to its extremely desirable central location, TEXT-AND-TALK is literally just steps away from Thai and international restaurants, as well as hotels and apartments. Should you require any help in locating suitable accommodation, you will find the staff at TEXT-AND-TALK Academy, Chiangmai, to be both quite knowledgeable about the local area and more than happy to help out. From the moment you step into our office, all the staff of TEXT-AND-TALK will endeavour to assist you in any way we can. Due to TEXT-AND-TALK's excellent location, there is within walking distance a multitude of different hotels, guesthouses, apartments, etc. If you need advice or help in getting to any place, we can be of assistance. All you need do is ask.

During the course, our job as TEFL Course Directors is to ensure the smooth running of the TEFL course. This is made easy by TEXT-AND-TALK's employing of an excellent trainer with years of experience in education. As the course progresses through to the third week, the course manager will schedule the evaluated teaching practice. Each trainee must teach for a minimum of six hours. This is often the first time a trainee has been confronted with a classroom full of real students, so, on our side, being supportive of the trainees is essential. At this point in the course we will also start to find employment for our trainees.

Chiangmai is an excellent place to work. Over the years, TEXT-AND-TALK Chiangmai has built an excellent reputation regarding teacher training, and even universities have sent their teachers to us for formal training. All around Chiangmai our teachers are offered work, and whether that be for the local university, in government schools or in language schools, all recognize TEXT-AND-TALK's high standards of training, and we often have more requests for teachers than we can fill. In fact, demand for TEXT-AND-TALK teachers often exceeds the number of graduates from any given class!

Even when our graduates have found the job of their choice, we try to keep in contact and are always available to offer advice or simply to listen to the experiences of graduates in their new career.

So whether it's hunting for accommodations or a job, the staff at TEXT-AND-TALK will always be there to lend a hand.

So why not try a "New Life" in the "New City"? We're sure you will find it extremely rewarding!

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