Blogs about Teaching and TEFL Courses in Thailand
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Blogs about Teaching English and TEFL Courses in Thailand

NOTE: These blogs were written by people who know what they are talking about: educators, teachers, old Thailand hands and other persons who know and have feelings and observations about teaching or living in Thailand.

They are contributed, not just by our own teachers and staff from time to time as you will read through first, but also by bloggers on other teacher sites — the twelve blogs currently listed below our own contributions being all from Thailand’s highly popular teacher web site, and shared with us kindly by our longtime associate and webmaster there, Mr Philip Williams.

First, however, we would like to invite you to read and enjoy the blogs by our own course graduates, as follows!

Blog One
By TEFL Courses Guru, James Parmelee:
The Thailand Political Landscape in 2014

Thailand Political Landscape

Blog Two
By Thailand National Director James Parmelee:
Comments by Posters on Linked-In

Comments by Posters on linked-In

Blog Three
By Professional English teacher
and VFW Post Commander, Ricky Reece
Post 9951 Bangkok

My Experiences Teaching in Thailand

Blog Four.
By Outstanding Khon Kaen TEFL Course trainer,
Steve Beachy:

A Training and Teaching Lesson

Blog Five
By veteran ESL/EFL Teacher and Teacher Trainer, Paul Thomas:

Some of the Inevitable Problems in Teaching Thais

Blog Six
By Charles Rice, highly experienced Thailand volunteer teacher,
writer and valued comrade of VFW Post 9951 in Bangkok, Thailand

Don't Overlook the Volunteer Option

Blog Seven
By prolific novelist and full-time English teacher, Sean Bunzick

Trained in Thailand and Employed in China!

Now, of course, you may enjoy reading the teacher blogs from our friend, Philip Williams' great website,!

First, however, we would like to advise you about something important towards your future:

After reading each blog from, please hit the back button and come right back here!
Read only the blog linked to, and do NOT click on any links leading away from that!


Well, first of all, despite its enormous value, the information contained in these blogs is general.

Secondly, this information represents only a small part of the information and resources for teachers in Thailand and elsewhere.

For example, in our Jobs and Resources directory, you benefit, among many other ways, by learning about teaching opportunities all over the world, by acquiring great text material and lesson plans of proven effectiveness for all types of classes, by gaining access to a huge amount of visual aids you can use, by locating reliable translation services, as needed — and even learning where to go to learn Thai online, if you wish, or get web site help!

You are here now because you want to become an English teacher for the Thais, and you want to find out what it’s like. Good job!

But the truth is you are here in the first place because you want to earn all about our TEFL Course for Target Learner Groups, and that information is specific!

You need to click right back here to read other blogs or check out our Jobs and Resources directory — but also, for the specific reason that brought you here in the first place: finding out about our TEFL Courses, and how they benefit you in the real world. (You can go to the Ajarn site at any time, and we encourage you to do so; but for now, kindly keep your initial objective in mind!)

You need to click back here, then, to learn how we can help you with your objectives, over and beyond providing the training that you want and need. For this, you will wish to learn about our visa assistance service, our accommodation service, and, more importantly, of course, all about our guarantee of good employment after you finish the course.

Last of all, you need to click back here after reading the blogs in order to find out why our TEFL Course is one that best prepares you to teach effectively to any group of students anywhere in the world, whether they be EFL or ESL learners, or adults or children.

So see you back on our own blogs page soon!

Ajarn Blog One.
By Mickey Sheehan: Say hello to technology related stress

Ajarn Blog Two.
By Sam Thompson: Thai Gizmos are great!

Ajarn Blog Three.
Finding a job in Thailand - the basics by Rachel Diamond

Ajarn Blog Four.
By Julia Knight: Thai women in today's workplace

Ajarn Blog Five.
By Ajarn World: Wedding Day blues

Ajarn Blog Six.
By Colleen Setchell: Lucky Day Colors

Ajarn Blog Seven.
By William Putnam: On Bangkok

Ajarn Blog Eight.
By Kylie Millar: Stick or Twist?

Ajarn Blog Nine.
By Benito Vacio: A 'one of a kind' camp

Ajarn Blog Ten.
By Peter Clarke: Thailand teaching stuff

Ajarn Blog Eleven.
By Megan Swanick: English program pitfalls

Ajarn Blog Twelve.
By Steve Schertzer: A permanent 'yes' relationship to the world

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