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TEXT-AND-TALK Academy has received many compliments about the design of our colorful, gold-embossed Certificate! We firmly believe that no other course provider issues certificates of such beauty anywhere in the world. It's not all that counts, of course, but it certainly adds to our already well-respected course and certification documents! This Certificate you will want to protect in plastic and keep forever!

On the reverse side of the same document, illustrated below, is the trainer's evaluation of your course performance. This is to acquaint the Director of Studies of whatever school you may be applying to work for not only with a breakdown of how you performed in each aspect of the course, but also with the fact that you have received better training in how to customize your teaching to the needs of target learner groups (your student groups, in terms of what special learning problems they may have and how you can help them) than any other teacher training course in the world. It also shows him or her both your strong points and your weak points, which guides the DOS in what to do to help you be successful in teaching for that school.

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tefl certificate fronttefl certificate rear

Student Certificate and Trainer's Evaluation of Trainee Performance

On a separate card, we describe the course content in English so that any Director of Studies not familiar with our course will be able to appreciate its comprehensive approach, and on the other side of that card a Thai language version of the same document (for the benefit of Thai school operators who may themselves be weak in English). These documents give a prospective employer a great deal of information enabling him or her to understand (and, we believe, heartily approve of) the training course you have completed.

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tefl eng tefl course description thai

Course Descriptions (English and Thai)

In any case, there is no way that your possession of an intensive training course certificate will guarantee you employment all by itself! For, regardless of whether you obtained your certification, is fromyou will still need to give a teaching demonstration to show that you know how to teach! In doing so, you need not fear, if you have attended our course! If you have done well in your training, you will also do well in any teaching demonstration! What the Certificate does do is ensure that you will be employed in a stable, well-paid position by a school which cares a great deal about both its students and its teachers.

Some questions frequently asked of our school are, first, "Is your Certificate recognized in all parts of the world?", and second, "What university is your course certified by?" These questions are, from the point of view of persons asking them, quite valid, and of importance to them. The following is our answer.

To question one: As we've indicated above, if you have completed an intensive course such as ours, it doesn't matter to most Directors of Study which institute you received the training from. The two concerns are mainly, "Have you done an intensive teacher training course?" and "Can you teach?" The answer to both of these questions is affirmative! Our course is indeed intensive, and you will be prepared to prove not only that you can "teach", but that you can teach very well indeed!

To question two: We answer, "What does certification by a university mean? Does it mean that it would offer you a teaching job after you've completed the course? No! What it does mean is that the university owns the course, and collects a very high royalty from every institute in the world that conducts it!" This keeps course fees high, and also unaffordable by a lot of sincere and talented people who want to learn how to teach. It also generally means that the course owned by the university is not very dynamic! In other words, content and presentation often rarely improve. And, finally, it means that the organizers of the course, the professors who are expert in teaching English as a second language (such as university students learning abroad, or learners in Austria or the Netherlands, for example, who happily use English outside the classroom at every opportunity), do not live in the real world where the students make their home, and that the particular learning problems of people acquiring English as a foreign language (such as Thais, who will generally not use English outside the classroom) are scarcely addressed at all!

In any case, our certificate is indeed highly regarded by such well-known universities as Middlesex University of the U.K. and many others, and if you wish sometime to study for a degree in TEFL or TESOL at a foreign university, you may be sure that your Certificate from our Academy will not be ignored in such a program!

Finally, our course is certified, most importantly of all, by the Thailand Ministry of Education and meets that body's exacting standards! Indeed, who more than an Asian Ministry of Education would be better acquanted to know and understand how to deal with the problems of Asian learners of English, and what their teachers need to be trained to do? An additional advantage of the Thai MoE certification is that, in conformity with their regulations, YOUR CERTIFICATE IS NUMBERED, which clearly identifies who you are, and that you actually attended our course. This gives not only you, but also your prospective employer, the advantage of acting on the basis of a Certificate whose authenticity which can be verified by anyone, from any part of the world!

Does all of this mean that absolutely every institute in the world will accept your TEXT-AND-TALK accreditation? Possibly not. There may be as many as 1% of all the institutes of the world will hire only teachers with an RSA or Trinity TESOL qualification because their directors of study attended those courses themselves. This prejudice is now clearing rapidly, however, as institutes are becoming more sophisticated, and aware of the need for EFL, not just ESL, training to prepare teachers to work in non-English-speaking countries.

In any case, are you sure you would want to work for people with so narrow and pedantic a view? Probably not, we think! After all, language teaching is dynamic. We as teachers are always learning new and better methods and ways from our peers, and learn and grow also through the acquisition of exciting new books published by our peers. Any educational institute which does not allow for individual growth and improvement through these means will never fully be doing its duty as an English teaching organization, and will never be fun to work for. Our main object, after all, is to help good people learn how to speak and use English successfully in their everyday personal and business lives! We are proud to have been successful in doing that, and believe that you will be also.

We also would like to invite you to attend a course that you can truly afford!

Look no further! Any additional information you might need about our course
(or any other question or concern you might have) is fully addressed right here!