Common TEFL Course Trainee Concerns
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Common TEFL Course Trainee Concerns

What qualifications to you need to have in order to take one of the TEFL courses of TEXT-AND-TALK Academy? Is there anything that might disqualify you?

What do you need to have in your background? Do you need previous English teaching experience? Must you hold a university degree? What academic qualifications, along with transcripts do you need to have? What exact qualifications do you need to have? What must you prepare and bring to your TEFL course, and what do you need to know about the study rules for the TEFL courses?

Do you need to know the Thai language? (No.) Do you need training in the Thai culture? (No, it's contained fully in your TEFL courses training.)

Actually joining up for one of our TEFL courses is not difficult at all, if you are an English native speaker or an accomplished user of English as a second language! Just study below and decide for yourself: