Teaching English Abroad: Do you need Experience?
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Teaching English Abroad: Do You Need Experience?

The short and exact answer is a resounding "No!" The longer answer is as follows:
Experience in anything helps, provided that the experience has been progressive and followed tried and proven techniques. (Unfortunately, this is often not what really happens!) Indeed, the experience of having taught anything successfully will be useful to you to some extent when you enter our training course.

Thus, if you have had prior sustained 'experience' in teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) or ESL (English as a Second Language), this will be very useful to you in taking a proper teacher training course such as ours - provided that in your previous practice you have not developed a lot of 'bad habits' or opinions which are contrary to the most efficient and productive teaching techniques and methodologies.

To illustrate our point, if you have had English teaching experience, but mainly 'lectured' to your students, you may have been appreciated (to some extent) by your learners, but you have not enabled them to speak on their own, or express themselves! On the other hand, if you have regarded yourself merely as a guide and facilitator to train your students to speak English effectively as given situations demand, you are closer to representing the 'model' of what a teacher of English as a foreign or second language really is.

To summarize, a lack of previous English teaching experience will not in any way be a handicap for you in learning how, through our TEFL Course training, to teach English effectively to peoples striving to speak and use English as a foreign or second language.

Indeed, it is far better not to have had any previous English teaching experience at all than to have had such experience and in the process developed a lot of poor and ineffective techniques and habits which you are reluctant (or unable) to scrap and in the process replace them with time-proven ways that get results.

Nonetheless, even if your previous teaching habits were not good ones, if you have an open mind and are willing to 'reconstruct' yourself, as it were, you will not only do well in our course: You will turn big disadvantages for yourself into powerful advantages (because you will have learned firsthand exactly how English teaching should not be done) - and the persons who benefit will be your students!

Finally, many of you will want to know whether previous English teaching experience will assist you in gaining good employment after you finish our course; and many of you also will want to know whether you will be able to acquire good teaching jobs after our course if you have had no previous experience at all.

We wish to assure both groups: If you love people and are hard-working, responsible and reliable at all times, every single one of you will get a good well-paid teaching position for a school that cares about both its students and its teachers!

Those of you without prior experience should take any and every job you can get in the beginning! Why? It's simple! You will get work almost immediately.

However, to make an analogy, it takes a lawyer at least two years before he or she is able to hang up a shingle; and it takes a medical doctor at least 4 years to be able to start his or her own practice. You will need only six months! In just six months of hard work you will be able to qualify, in terms of knowledge and ability, for almost any good teaching position that may become available! Keep in mind: There are not nearly enough trained teachers to fill the demand, and you are the type of teacher who is demanded!

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