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Secure E-Banking Enrollment Form for the
TEXT-AND-TALK Academy TEFL Courses
for Target Learner Groups to Maximize Teacher Earnings

All fees expressed in U.S. Dollars. The Maximum Earnings TEFL Certificate Course fee for persons without prior TEFL Course training $1,420.00 USD plus $75.00 USD for Certificate Course materials and all documentation, for a total fee of exactly $1,495.00 USD. Applicants with prior training receive varying discounts, as shown below.

(See course fees in any currency) *Fees are not refundable

NEW 2016 - 2017 SPECIAL!! The Maximum Earnings TEFL Certificate Course ALREADY includes the Grammar Module and the Language Comparison Module (a $675.00 value) FREE of CHARGE!* ... PLUS, it now includes our Teaching English to Young Learners Module (Regular Fee $660.00), for a total ADDED VALUE of $1,335.00!!

*Please note that the Language Comparison Module and the Teacher's Grammar Module are not currently offered separately from the TEFL Course, as graduates of other Certificate Courses would generally not qualify for entry owing to inadequate preparation.

NOTE: All information given on this page is secure, so you will no doubt find that payment by Visa or MasterCard is the easiest way to enroll.

Should you have any problem getting your credit card, debit card, or combination credit/debit card, payment approved (and you know that your card balance is sufficient), this is probably because your bank has put a 'hold' on payments made online. This is done to protect you, and themselves, against credit card fraud. All you need to do in this case is just contact your bank, have them remove the 'hold' (*and also reveal any user name or password they may have assigned to your account*) and enroll again. Presto, instant approval! (Do make sure, however, that you insert your name and surname and other information EXACTLY as on your card, and that you select the correct bank from the scroll-down list, or select Other if your bank is not listed!)

However you enroll, ALL information requested below must be filled in, but if some is not yet finalized or available please SO NOTE. ALSO, if you are promising to pay by bank transfer, please be advised that, in the interest of fairness to other applicants, your transfer must be received by our Academy within 7 days after your enrollment date, or your application will be cancelled by our Admissions Department pending a new enrollment submission. Welcome to our course, and be assured that your selected course location and start-up date will be reserved and confirmed for you as nearly as possible, barring the unexpected.

Please NOTE that TEFL Course training in the Khon Kaen location has been suspended for now, owing to administrative issues!


Title: (Mr, etc.)
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Visa Assistance (Optional)
Fill out this section completely if you want assistance in getting the appropriate visa for Thailand.

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Where did you read or
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Highest Academic
Level Completed:
What foreign languages
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More Information and Our Grammar Test
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Your Housing Information

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Arrival Date

Approximate Arrival Date
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Our Courses

  • The 6-week Certificate Course (Cert-6)

  • The Diploma Course. Our TEFL Certificate course now already includes Part II of the TEFL Diploma course (Teaching English to Young Learners) without charge! Should you later wish to complete your TEFL Diploma course qualification by studying TEFL Diploma course Part I (Advanced Skills Teaching, which includes preparation to teach such specialized and extra income generating courses as TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Business English or Business Writing, for example), the good news comes in two parts...

    First, your course fee is reduced by half (from $1,250.00 U.S. to $625.00 U.S. plus $65.00 U.S. for course materials and end-of-course documents); and, second, you can complete your study *at home at your own pace*, except for visiting our Academy to take exams, etc!

    To enroll for the rest of the TEFL Diploma course after completing the TEFL Certificate course, just inform your Academy Director and pay your fees and get your course materials. For further information, you may also contact Mr James Parmelee: parmelee@langserv.com.

Certificate Course Qualification levels

  • No previous TEFL certificate course training (New)
  • Graduate of  the TEXT-AND-TALK Academy Certificate Course (Grad)
  • Graduate of any other certificate course of at least 100 interactive training hours (Other Grad)
  • Graduate of any other certificate course of less than 100 interactive training hours (Short Grad)

Fee Structure

** Other Grad **
Short Grad

*A graduate of our TEFL Certificate Course who took the course before Part II of the TEFL Diploma course became available. **A previous intensive course graduate taking a TEFL Certificate Upgrade/Refresher course. PLEASE NOTE: *** Short Grads may NOT study the TEFL Diploma course unless they first complete our 6-week TEFL Certificate course!


Indicate Your Previous TEFL Training:

I have never had TEFL certificate course training before
I have graduated from the TEXT-AND-TALK Academy Certificate Course
I am a graduate of another international standard certificate course of at least 100 hours
I am a graduate of another certificate course of less than 100 hours

Select the Course you Qualify for

  Course Name Course Fees
6-week Certificate Course
NOTE: You may take the next TEFL Diploma course Part I after you finish the 6-week Certificate course, as described above.
  Certificate Course Materials

Payment Options

  Payment Option Payment Amounts
Full Payment  
Down Payment Option  
  Total due with registration
  Total due upon arrival

(NOTE: Course Materials include our books and the certification documentation. Minimum deposit of TEFL Certificate course fees shown is required to enroll, with balance due on or before arrival for class.



(Please NOTE that TEFL Course training in the Khon Kaen location has been suspended for now, owing to administrative issues!)

Course Location Desired

If "Other", desired location

Estimated Course Start-up Date
(if undecided, enter "open")


I certify that I am not a fugitive from justice, nor a dealer or habitual user of either alcohol or drugs; that I do not launder money; and that I have never committed an offense of any kind against the person of a child.



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I agree to make a bank transfer for the "Total Due" shown above within 7 days of submitting this form.
Approximate date for the bank transfer:
I agree to finalize my enrollment by emailing to Mr James Parmelee
the date, time, bank and bank transaction number of my transfer not later than 48 hours after the transfer has been made.

Payment Invoice
for TEFL Course fee designated above

Bank Transfer Funds to:

Bank of Ayudhya, PCL
Bangkhen Branch
1979 Phahonyothin Road
Ladyao, Chatuchak
Bangkok 10900
Swift Code: AYUDTHBK

Pay to the account of:
Account No. 047-1-67300-5