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Guaranteed Jobs for TEFL Course Graduates

After you finish your TEFL training-or you get your money back!

What, by your definition, is a 'guaranteed job'?

Does it mean that, after completing our thoroughly comprehensive TEFL Course, you will be too afraid to go out and apply for a good job, despite the enormously high level of self-confidence you will certainly have gained through your training?

Does it mean that you will need to be 'led by the hand' to a place of employment because you are afraid to tell people what you learned in our course?

TEXT-AND-TALK TEFL Course English teacherIf so, you didn't do our course! If you have answered "Yes" to the above questions, you are potentially 'cannon fodder' for course providers who often advertise by the slogan "We will pay you to do a tefl course", only to charge you a fairly handsome fee after all, then put you into a class of 30-40 trainees to listen to a teaching CD for a week or ten days – after which they take you to a children's school where the directors have been assured you have a minimum of two years' teaching experience already – then pay you just a pittance of a salary while pocketing the rest of the considerable amount they charged themselves.

That's one kind of guaranteed job. Would you be interested? If so, you are not interested in taking our own course, because we don't use good people in that manner!

The first thing you need to know is that graduates of our course always get good jobs, and we will assist you to get yours! Indeed, you may wish to receive our help after you have graduated from our TEFL Course – and we are happy to give it without charge!

Most of our TEFL Course graduates want full-time employment, and many wish the experience of teaching both adult students and children. The teaching opportunies you will be considering, therefore, are three: First, through a language academy such as ours, where you will generally gain the invaluable experience of teaching students of all ages and ability levels; second, teaching only adult students at a university or international school; and, third, as a teacher of children only in a private or government school. (Note that our course, unlike most others, trains you to teach professionally to both adults AND children, and in all teaching circumstances.)

Certainly, as our TEFL Course graduate, you will wish to receive a work permit, if possible, and, depending on the employing school and its circumstances (and whether or not you hold a university degree), a work permit will be forthcoming for you in a short period of time, regardless of the type of school you have opted to work for.

If you lack a degree, we will help you get a six-month education visa free of charge free of charge except for the nominal government fees and study books (during which time you will learn the Thai language), thus to prevent your having to leave the country. All nationalities qualify for this, and your employer will be happy because you won't have to leave classes in order to do regular visa 'border runs'.

To summarize, here are your options, and how, with our assistance, we can guarantee a job for you:

To teach in a university, you will generally need to hold at least a Master's Degree and have substantial prior teaching experience, and you will be teaching adults only (university students are considered adults, in this case). A TEFL Certificate will certainly be needed, as well. We generally would be of only limited direct use to you in acquiring work there, however, though our academy is VERY well and favorably known and respected by Thailand universities, and that improves your chances.

if you work directly for an international school, or a private or government school, you will need your TEFL Certificate and will be teaching children. If you choose this option, we will guide you through any other requirements you might need to work there.

(Be advised, however, that some international schools may also be seeking Masters Degree holders only, and a modicum of teaching experience in addition to your TEFL Certificate, the former of which we cannot provide you. That is not always the case, however, and we can steer you towards a lot of different international schools if that is your option, through these jobs are in limited supply and in much demand.)

In a language academy, however, you have the perfect springboard for your career, whether you wish to teach adults or children, or both! In fact, your chances of getting work there are greatly improved if you are game to teach both. Also, there are ALWAYS jobs available there, and qualification requirements may be a bit easier except for the TEFL Certificate, which is essential.

You might also note that many private (children's) schools are not able to acquire enough teachers in the best of times, and so rely on language academies to provide them. They are technically not supposed to do this, perhaps, but must, for some very good reasons: They are generally not equipped to compose and run hiring ads and conduct interviews successfully in English, and, most importantly, they can suffer terrible curriculum disasters when a teacher they have hired themselves suddenly decides to leave, often without advance notice. This is another way for you to teach children, if that is one of your objectives.

Whichever type of school you choose to work for, we will support your efforts – though in our opinion working for a language school or a children's school is the way to go, at least in the beginning!

Thus, we can guarantee work for you! You may land a full-time job working for our own academy, but, if not, we assure you that our associate language academies and our client children's schools (there are many!) will be delighted to have you. Please be advised, however, that we will not 'make' you work for a school, at a location or in a circumstance that is not favorable to you. in most cases, you can fairly well dictate where you want to work, within reason. We will, however, instill in you through our course the confidence you need to make these decisions on your own.

Such will be your level of confidence, in fact, that:

You will NOT even WANT us holding you by the hand while you launch your career! This we also guarantee.

In any case, to reassure you that you are making a wise investment as you pay our TEFL Course fees...


Teacher Job!
If you complete our TEFL Certificate Course successfully and apply for work to at least 20 places advertising for teachers over a period of 6 weeks and still do not receive a reasonable job offer, we will refund to you your entire course fee within one week after you have presented proof of this to us. Two caveats, of course: You must provide proof of your job interviews and you must not have turned down any reasonable job offers. (If this fate happens to you, you also will be THE VERY FIRST teacher in Thailand that it's ever happen to!)



You don't have to depend on us! You can always be sure of landing a good English teaching job if you proceed (as you probably would anyway) in accordance with the common sense procedures outlined below. We trust that you will be tolerant of us in giving you lots of good advice in the pursuit of that job. (This info may be gratuitous in some aspects, but it can be very useful to you when the time comes.)


After you complete your study of our world-renowned TEFL for Target Learner Groups Course:

1. You must want to get a job! No one is going to force a teacher to get work if he or she does not wish to, or is not ready to begin!

2. Unless you wish to fall under the control of people who may not (frankly, almost certainly do not) have your best interests at heart, or share your hard-earned income with some 'agent' you never needed to use in the first place, you will set the terms of your employment yourself, provided that these are reasonable. Among the matters you will decide on are:

  • Whether to work full-time or part-time, and what days and hours you wish to work.
  • What type of school to work for, or whether you wish to teach privately or in companies.
  • How much minimum salary you are prepared to accept.
  • What benefits you require.
  • To a certain degree, the part of the city you want to be working in.
  • The kind of people you want to work for, and
  • The type of colleagues you want to work with.
3. After listing your own needs and wishes, YOU MUST GO OUT AND LOOK AT AND INTERVIEW WITH A LOT OF DIFFERENT SCHOOLS AND COMPANIES. You may not find the ideal place to work for, but you are certain to find one that is close, and one that probably has desirable features that you had never even considered! In other words, don't be like a masseuse in a massage parlour, just waiting idly by for someone to come by and choose her. Make it happen! Choose your own destiny! Nothing is more certain, with your training and our certificate, than that in just a very short time you will get an excellent, happy teaching job (sometimes even before you course is finished)!

4. We may have a job for you ourselves, or we may know of a job where we can recommend you to go for interview (and perhaps teach a sample lesson). Certainly, we will help in any way we can. Provided, however, that you conduct yourself well at a good interview and can put together a quick lesson plan and give a sample of your teaching on demand, what we want most to instill in your awareness is that:

YOU WILL NOT NEED HELP FROM US OR ANYONE ELSE IN LANDING AN EXCELLENT JOB! And, most importantly, upon finishing our course YOU WILL POSSESS A SELF-CONFIDENCE you have never had before in your life! You will not be afraid to approach anyone about a job, BECAUSE YOU WILL KNOW JUST HOW GOOD YOU ARE!

There is only one more important bit of information we need to impart to you and that is how to:

(Click image for large view. NOTE: Suit not necessary!)

Appearance requirements for job interviewThis is mainly just common sense, but crucially important nonetheless:

  1. Shower, shave (if a man!), put on deodorant and wear ironed and presentable dress clothes -- with necktie, if a man, with a skirt as opposed to slacks, if a woman, and if at all possible. If you, as a man, wear a beard or a mustache or have long hair, trim the facial hair and shampoo the 'mane' and put it into a neat pony tail. Look as though you were all ready to go in and teach immediately. (You might have to!)

  2. Have photocopies ready to be given out of any documents that might be required, including educational documents, and, most importantly, your TEFL certificate. If possible, have the originals of these documents with you, and protected in plastic binders to preserve them. (Always have a safe place to store away document originals at your residence or in a bank, when they are not needed.)

  3. Have a professionally prepared CV or resume to give to your prospective employer. If you are not sure about how to make one of these, ask your course trainer for help and advice! We will look silly if our graduate doesn't get a job because he or she couldn't do a proper CV or resume!

  4. Speak up so you can easily be heard. Make brief eye contact when relating any important piece of information about yourself, then look elsewhere on the interviewer's face. Radiate confidence, but don't oversell yourself! Tell truthfully what you can do, and what you feel you can quickly learn to do. Demonstrate good humor, and a good sense of humor, but don't become overly-familiar by telling a joke!

  5. Ask your interviewer, initially, only for any basic information that he or she fails to tell you voluntarily. Leave the lesser details for later on, when it appears you might be offered the job. Say something nice about the institute you're applying to, if you've really seen something that you like. Assure your interviewer that if you took this job, you would expect it to be a permanent position over a lengthy period. Your interviewer wants to hear this!

  6. Do not under any circumstances or in any manner criticise anyone or anything, from either your past or present! If you in any way appear negative, or a person one might think is difficult to get along with, your job application could be rejected, even if you are a great teacher!

Follow all of these rules and suggestions, and WE GUARANTEE YOU WILL GET AN EXCELLENT JOB, OR YOUR MONEY BACK!

Now, so that you will understand just how many excellent jobs may be waiting for you in several other countries besides Thailand once you finish our course, just go to our links pages offering jobs. (WARNING! If you check job opportunies on our links pages, it may take you a full week, 24/7, just to view all the different jobs available across the world right now; and, by the time you finish, many of these will have been taken and thousands more become available!)

Look no further! Any additional information you might need about our course
(or any other question or concern you might have) is fully addressed right here!