TEXT-AND-TALK TEFL Course Grads: Their Actual Words
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TEXT-AND-TALK TEFL Course Graduates:
Their Actual Words

What a recent graduate of our course would like you (and the world) to know!

The following comments were made by a recent trainee just before he graduated from our TEFL for Target Learner Groups Course. This is presented just to give you a 'taste' of what our course is like, how enjoyable it is to learn, and the tremendous value it holds for anyone wishing to become a successful (and well-paid!) teacher of English as a foreign or second langage. The following, in his own words, then, are the exact unsolicited comments of Mr Tom Stifter:

Dear James,

Exams, Presentations and Evaluated Teaching time are all complete now - only the final exam to go! So I think it is ok now for me to give you my thoughts about the course, the material and the teaching at Text and Talk ..... and, boy, does it feel good having made it through to the finish line!! There is not a one of us that didn't have the passing thought "Will I make it through this!"

My worry when I signed up - in all honesty was "Damn, I hope this is not just some fluff class where you pay a lot of money just to get a piece of paper" ..... boy was I wrong to worry about that - the Text and Talk course was no where near fluff and your students earn that certification - thanks to Texts and Talk's 110% commitment to producing A1 quality ESL/EFL teachers!

I would be hard pressed to find a complaint - honestly, I'm trying and I cannot think of one!

In a relatively short period of time, I believe I was taught more pertinent and practical information than many "professional" teachers out there holding 4-year degrees - not only did we learn extensively about Thai language challenges when learning English, we learned the impact of culture on learning, and we learned how to professionally teach grammar and conversation skills in a way that allows the Thai students to learn in a fun and efficient way - we can teach our students to not only learn well but to enjoy it so they will not only remember it but enjoy speaking it ..... what a gift, what a reward - to both us as teachers and them as students.

There is no way Text and talk can accomplish all this without a very serious and sincere commitment to its students, to the Thai learning community and to it's own high standards and values as a company.

The material we were given both in the classroom and the volumes upon volumes of written modules we were given are packed with information that I believe will remain with me throughout my teaching carrier as my guide to help with virtually any situation I may encounter.

Were there a lot of exams - yes! Were they challanging - yes! Did I need to work and study hard - yes! Was it worth it? Did I learn and retain it? Did I need it? - YES YES YES

The Evaluated teaching - what a gift ..... I went from sheer bumbling terror on my first lesson to a proud and confident teacher by my 6th and final one .... I believe I could walk into a classroom tomorrow, be it private tutoring, a few beginners or a room full of intermediate students and provide them with a professional lesson they will not only learn from but enjoy ..... and that is thanks to Text and Talk's commitment to quality material and staff!

The evaluators I had where Bob E, Bod D and Jim ...... hats off to them all - by no means were they 'easy' on their evaluations - but never once did they forget to encourage, to praise and to guide me to improve - please, thank each and everyone of them for the gift they gave me --- it is my dream to teach here - They helped make that dream possible, and made themsleves available to me in the future if I need a helping hand .... And I will save the last and most important praise for Mr Bob D - our trainer. Bob teaches the way he instructs us to teach - He is Firm, Fair and Friendly ..... aways! He presents the material, gets us practicing it and damned if he doesn't get us to produce it!!!
It has been too many years to count since I was in school, and yours is a pretty intense course - it was Bob's teaching that got me through it! He never neglected a single person in the room - he presented the material in a clear and common sense way - he built our confidence throughout, he made himself available to us any time we needed him - he never once put his time ahead of our needs - he is not an 'easy' teacher - his desire to produce quality ESL/EFL teachers is clear throughout - but I believe the man will reach out and walk you through fire if you have a genuine desire to teach. Not once was he not there and available to us an hour before class began and never once was he heading home until long after every student got the extra time and help they needed at the end of the day. Many an evening and weekend - Bob's phone rang - it was us

Whatever Text and Talk pays Director James Parmelee - make it more - because I can tell you this - when a friend asks me where to go .... my answer will always be - "The ONLY place you should go to become an ESL/EFL teacher is Text and Talk, and make darn sure your teacher is as good and dedicated as Bob D.!!!"

It was a hard course, it was pretty intense for a guy like me - but I am proud of what you all helped me to become!

Thank you so much!

Tom Stifter

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