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TEFL Courses Franchise Invitation
to Other Institutes


(or earn Commissions by sending trainees to us!)

  • If you are the owner of a prosperous, well-established educational institute of any level, it is very easy to conduct our world famous TEFL for Target Learner Groups Course at your location, either within Thailand or abroad. Or, if your school is just getting started but you have some capital, contact us anyway!

  • If you are interested in a long-term license agreement, you may contact us at the address given at the bottom of this page. However, it is not necessary!

  • if you are concerned about producing professionally trained EFL/ESL teachers for your own employ, or to provide to other institutes, WE WILL PAY YOU TO CONDUCT OUR COURSE!

  • We will give you a commission of 65% of the base course fee (currently U.S. $1,420.00) for each enrollee! In other words, you pay us a royalty on each of your trainees of 35% of the base course free plus 2,500 Thai baht (roughly $75.00 USD) for the course materials and end-of-course documents (see our Course Contents), and the remaining 65% belongs exclusively to you! Of course, you will need to pay your own trainer and other training expenses, but the only other charge payable to us is the shipping cost to you of the course material bags and the end-of-course documents.

  • Your trainer must be TEFL course trained himself or herself, and needs to spend at least 3 weeks in Bangkok (at your own expense) being prepared by our training experts to conduct the TEFL Course at our high professional standard. Alternatively, your trainer must complete all study materials, exercises and Module Exams at home and forward those to us for grading by our own professional trainers. (See information about our Home Study Course).
  • Finally, if your school is located in Thailand, we would be especially interested in helping you conduct our course in such locations as Phuket, Pattaya, Korat, Udorn, Hat Yai or Chiang Rai, for example – though we would not wish to compete against ourselves by helping a school conduct our course in a province or city in which we are conducting it already. And if you would be interested in conducting a course in Phuket or Pattaya, you are in luck, as our course and Academy are already registered there with the Phuket Provincial Education Authority! All you need is a school location acceptable to the PPEA and an understanding with us regarding your use of our Academy name!

If all of this truly interests you, we encourage you to read through and, if necessary, print out every page from this website for your complete understanding of how our TEFL course operates. Then, you will be eager indeed to begin enjoying the profits and/or prestige which can only come from conducting our course yourself. Indeed, we will provide all the training and study tools, documents and techniques to ensure your success, and you will be proud of what you are doing every working day of your life.

As our academy is based in Thailand, we focus to the appropriate degree locally on Thai and other Asian problems in learning English (and there are many!), a fact which is particularly appreciated by, and of benefit to, the many Western English native speakers who dream of teaching and living in Asia. The number of such students is large indeed. Nonetheless, we need to stress that our course assists teachers to fully address the English learning needs of students anywhere in the world!

Because it is not only Asian learners that our course prepares teachers to teach perfectly to! Indeed, using the principles of our course as suggested, a teacher would be able to go into a classroom in Greece (just for example), knowing exactly what learning problems the students are having and what has caused them, and be armed with the several means of helping the students overcome their learning difficulties. No other course on earth prepares a teacher so well, and bonds students with their teacher so permanently and effectively!

Our course, in this age when 'fake' documents turn up everywhere and so easily, our TEFL Course Certificate (see certificate samples) is highly honored because it is officially certified by the Thailand Ministry of Education and bears a unique number for each individual graduate. Thus, the authenticity of our TEFL course graduates' Certificates can be verified by us immediately from any point of the globe.

Are you interested? If so, please send me an e-mail giving your full information, objectives and intentions, and we will discuss the matter in as much detail as you would like.

In any case, it would be advantageous, if possible, for you to fully appraise our course and decide whether you would like to offer it by visiting us in Bangkok, thoroughly perusing our course materials, sitting in on some ongoing classes, and learning all of the quality controls we have put in place to ensure that our course is presented in exactly the same way, and with the exact same excellent quality and results, regardless of where it's presented. We know you will like what you see and hear!



Just send persons wishing to become excellent EFL/ESL teachers directly to us – and after they have fully paid their fees we will immediately remit to you the sum of baht 10,000 for each person (currently equivalent to about U.S. $300.00), or the equivalent in your own currency. Alternatively, you can just collect the 10,000 baht yourself (on a non-cancellable arrangement, of course) and let us bill them for the balance!


The names TEXT-AND-TALK Academy and TEFL for Target Learner Groups and all course Module Books used in the TEFL for Target Learner Groups Course are fully protected by International and Thailand Copyright Laws. Any person, organization, company or institute making unauthorized use of these names or materials will be prosecuted under those laws.
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For any further information, please contact me personally,
stating your full situation and objectives.

James Parmelee
Educational Services sand Thailand National Director

TEXT-AND-TALK International Languages Development Academy
Mobile telephone: +6681-847-7248.