Lesson Guides for TEFL Course Graduates
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Lesson Guides for TEFL Course Graduates

This directory contains English teaching lesson guides and guideline summaries compiled over decades by teachers of English as a foreign or second language which we now share with you, whether you are already experienced in teaching English abroad but have run into situations that leave you perplexed about what to do; whether you are a brand-new teacher of English as a foreign or second language; or whether you are just now considering taking one of our TEFL courses and are concerned about how to handle the various (and sometimes tricky!) situations you will meet up with in the classroom.

Here are, we feel, many of the most useful of all lesson guides for teachers teaching English abroad, which consist actually of materials borrowed from our own TEFL courses to show you not only the answers to 'tricky' teaching situations, but also the level, detail, and scope of TEFL courses offered by TEXT-AND-TALK Academy generally. Certainly, your TEFL course with TEXT-AND-TALK Academy will cover much more than what is covered in just these samples, but these do give you a taste, at least, of what you can expect -- as no training on earth will prepare you as well for teaching ESL or EFL in Thailand or in any other country of the globe!