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TEFL Lesson Guides and Blogs: Let's swap!

To all educational institutes:

TEXT-AND-TALK Seminar TeachersIf you are a webmaster whose site is devoted to ESL or EFL language teaching and/or teacher training, let's help one another by swapping lesson guides and blogs, for the benefit of the many teachers who could profit from reading them!

Go ahead! Have a look at some of of our our own Lesson Guides! And some Blogs. And our treasure house of Job and Teacher Resource information accumulated over 23 years of English teaching in Thailand, and more than 14 years of teacher training here.

Do you see anything that might be useful? We're certain you have great resources, too!

Let's help one another, and do a better job for our teaching profession!

With your permission, we will post what you have found to be useful to our site, while you may post ours to yours, with accreditation both ways.

If interested, just e-mail anything you might like to share to James Parmelee, the Thailand National Director of TEXT-AND-TALK Academy: parmelee@langserv.com or call, if you wish for a one-on-one discussion.

And, while we're at it, why don't we exchange links to our sites at the same time?

Kind regards,
James Parmelee
Thailand National Director TEXT-AND-TALK Academy

E-mail: parmelee@langserv.com
Tel. +66818477248
USA and Canada toll-free 800 number: 1-866-554-4438 (rings onto Parmelee's Bangkok mobile phone!)
UK toll-free 800 number: 0-800-088-5251 (rings onto Parmelee's Bangkok mobile phone!)