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Make a Difference: Get TEFL Course Trained!

Don't be a "Wuss"! Help your students learn correctly, and really enjoy the fun!

Make a Difference in the TEFL World!

Sorry, we didn't really mean to call you a "Wuss", if you don't get trained as an English teacher!

However, if you expect to get paid for your efforts, and if you really love the nation of people whose students you are teaching, there are only five reasons not to get training, and we will discuss these five reasons below:

  1. You realize this is not what you want to do, or this is not the country you want to continue living in. Good for you! If you don't enjoy teaching, your students will not either. At the same time, if it's just a matter of lacking confidence, welcome to the club! Most tefl course trainees are short on confidence at the start of the course, but, by the end, are masters of all situations, strutting proudly around classrooms filled with appreciative students.

  2. You let somebody else fool you into believing that training is not necessary to do a good job of teaching. We hope you will seek better counsel when you need to hire a lawyer or an accountant, or find a good doctor to help you get well from some serious disease. Without training, you are like a "doctor" who never went to school and whose patients (your students) died because he didn't know how to help!

  3. You found out that some schools hire people who are not trained as teachers. Negative. They hire "bodies", of which you would be just another dispensable one! Such "schools" are only after the money, and don't care a fig about either teachers or students. Sneeze once, and you'll be gone!

  4. You let somebody fool you into believing that a one-week course offering a below-poverty-line job to pay back your course fees would make you a teacher. There is nothing wrong with being "thrifty". However, if you buy this story, you'll be on a below-poverty level of income (needed to pay back the steep fees charged for the course), and you will also be disappointing a small army of innocent little children who really would like to learn our language, and to and have a teacher who understands them and can help.

  5. You don't have the money to get trained. If you don't, and are already here, you need either to request funds from home, or return home immediately and come back when you have the course fees in hand, along with enough funds to live on for 2-3 months while you are getting started in your new career.

However, if you are like many of us who have made new homes for ourselves in Thailand (whether you have visited Thailand already or not), you have seen somehow that, whereas we Westerners come from nations already developed, Thailand (meaning "Land of the Free") is just in the process of becoming.

And we residents have recognized that we are indeed useful (and oftentimes much needed) here. As for yourself, you may also wish to consider that, whereas in our own country we are just one of perhaps 10,000,000 people doing essentially the same job, here in "The Land of Smiles" we have the knowledge and skills, honed properly through teacher training, to "make a difference" in the lives of millions, both children and adults. I hope the following sonnet expresses this in a way you will remember:

Ode to Man ©

(On Power and Puniness)

Barking and mewling - so slowly alters man
The course of laws (if therein to hasten were
His art), that but for tongue and thumbs he justly
Might have been the Flesh of bears, or kittens
Taloning sweat and fish with splayed fingers.
And yet the very Suns of dusk, unscored
As sand, gleam but by a tolerance of Grace,
Which in the hooded brain of man revolves
Sufficient Eye to, unbodied, opt of stars
The ones to wick or fashion, or implode
To granite Tears and trade like amulets.
For Beast or God-Together, puny man's
Fine talent, by way of skinned knees and chipped teeth,
Is tweaking Time's beard to make a Difference.

©1990 by James Parmelee
Director, TEXT-AND-TALK Academy

NOTE: 1990 was the year TEXT-AND-TALK was founded!

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