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TEFL Course Trainer Moz Denn Says,
"Study in Chiang Mai!"

There is no other choice, in my opinion!
By: Moz Denn

TEXT-AND-TALK TEFL Course trainer Moz Denn
Each and every person has his or her own reasons for choosing a particular location to study our TEFL course. As the TEXT-AND-TALK trainer in Chiang Mai, I would like to share with you the reasons I think Chiang Mai is “the place to be.”

As a resident/teacher/trainer in Chiang Mai for the past, well almost 17 years, I am not really qualified to compare Chiang Mai to other cities. I am, however, qualified to say a bit about Chiang Mai’s good and bad points (although coming up with bad points is going to be a lot harder than with good ones). Chiang Mai is easy to fall in love with. Don’t believe me, just ask our many graduates!

Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second largest city. Compared to Bangkok, Chiang Mai is another world. Here in the North we like life at a slower pace. The “mai pen rai” (it’s okay, no problem) attitude of the easygoing Thais is never better demonstrated than here in Chiang Mai. Surrounded by mountains, the city itself is relatively compact and easy to find your way around in.

Cool drives through the surrounding mountainous areas and smaller towns only add to the city’s charm. Living away from the city in the foothills of the mountains, where the air is cleaner and the scenery a touch greener, is still not a problem. You are never more than a twenty-minute drive from your destination.

As Thailand’s largest city in the North, it is the destination of choice for Northern Thais who wish their child to have a “city education.” For this reason, the city is full of schools! Chiang Mai is a city of five different universities alone. It is the education centre for the North of Thailand, not a minor detail for graduates of our TEFL for Target Learner Groups Course.

The course itself covers a broad yet in-depth range of teaching methodologies and techniques, along with practical teaching experience in a variety of local schools. Your first time in a classroom of Thai students will be an experience you will never forget. Of course, before you get that privilege we will ensure that you have been trained to the highest standard to ensure that you are an effective teacher from day one. In Chiang Mai we consider it our duty to train you in all practical aspects of teaching, to prepare you for the environment which you will be working in. We will also ensure that you are settled into your new job, and we are always available if you need some practical advice or help.

The satisfaction for myself and all our staff at TEXT-AND-TALK is when our graduates drop by enthusiastically talking about their new school and the students they teach. To have helped a graduate through training, and the start of their teaching job, is a privilege in itself; and of course with Chiang Mai being relatively small it’s easy to stay in touch with graduates (especially the ones employed by our own school), and even aid them in years to come as they progress through their teaching careers.

Naturally, in your free time, getting away from the city to explore the nearby mountains is a good way to recharge your batteries, as well as experiencing the many waterfalls, elephant camps and national parks. The peace and quiet of northern Thailand’s natural areas helps many local people face each new week with a typical "Thai smile". And for shopaholics, Chiang Mai offers malls, open markets, shops and fresh markets to satisfy your every shopping urge.

We look forward to having YOU in our next class!

Editor's note: With Moz's many years of teaching experience and the successful conduct of numerous TEFL classes for our Academy so far, you will enjoy more than just the wonderful weather and countryside in Chiang Mai: You, like Moz's many other graduates, will also enjoy learning to teach English successfully, and well!

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