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Thailand TEFL Course Fees

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For Maximum Earnings:
The TEFL Certificate Course Fees for teaching Target Learner Groups

*All fees expressed in U.S. Dollars
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TEFL Course Complete Module SetOur world-renowned and universally accepted and accredited TEFL for Target Learner Groups Certificate Course includes study and resource materials unique among all teacher training courses which are worth almost as much as our course itself. However, we will not discuss these in great detail there, as you can acquire all of that information and more by going to: Our TEFL Course Contents.

In the meantime, our course fees are as follows: $1,420.00 USD for the course instruction plus $75.00 USD for course materials, including seven instruction modules, a CD for helping students pronounce clearly, a carrying bag, and, most importantly, your uniquely beautiful Thailand Ministry of Education TEFL Course Completion Certificate along with your Performance Evaluation and a Course Description document in both English and Thai, all of this totaling $1,495.00 USD, complete.

(Find the course fee equivalent here in your own currency.) This fee, as well as the above, includes all testing and accreditation fees, 120 hours of interactive training, assistance with CV or resume preparation, employment interview role playing and full guidance and assistance toward acquiring a job, which we guarantee you will obtain or your money back!

For Thailand visa or housing assistance, simply e-mail our Academy Director, Mr James Parmelee or contact him by other means as shown here. If you are already in Thailand and/or are having trouble obtaining a visa, we may be able to help you get the Visa you need to start your career; and a 6-month Thai Language Instruction course is available at reduced cost when you enroll and pay your TEFL Couse fees! For complete information, contact Mr Parmelee.

As for training locations, it is certain that Bangkok has far more English teaching jobs available than our other locations. For more information, you can read about Bangkok here.

It deserves to be mentioned, however, that there are excellent training venues available elsewhere in Thailand, including in the Pattaya Wonderland of beaches, convenient shopping venues and romance! However, if you prefer charming mountains over beaches, Chiang Mai is to be highly recommended. (Read here about beautiful Chiang Mai.) And, in the charming and exceedingly friendly Thailand Northeast is Khon Kaen. See links here to descriptions of all of those locations.

Cetainly, if you are like most people seeking English teacher training for the purpose of teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) or ESL (English as a Second Language) courses overseas, you have never had TEFL, TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or TESL course training before and are simply looking for a short-term but comprehensive TEFL Certificate Course that is affordable, while at the same time preparing you to maximize your earnings through the thoroughness of your instruction.

But what if you have already done some TEFL Course training?

1. If you have previously done a TEFL Course with TEXT-AND-TALK Academy and just wish to 'freshen up', your complete course fee is reduced to $970.00 USD.. (You must show us your original certificate, or at least provide its certificate number.)

2. If you have previously completed a different intensive and interactive TEFL, TESL, or TESOL Course of at least 100 hours with another institute (and can show us your valid certificate), your complete course fee will be reduced to $1,065.00 USD, and

3. If you have previously completed such a course of less than 100 hours (even online), your complete course fee will be reduced to $1,285.00 USD.

Is all of this confusing? Not at all! To comprehend how easy this computation really is, just go to our enrollment form (enroll). It is not necessary for you to input any personal information initially. To check your proper course fees, simply tick the boxes showing basic information about your previous training (if any), and your base course fee, and the materials and document charge (these totaled together) will appear automatically!

Really quite simple, isn't it? After that, of course, you can simply fill in your personal information, indicate whether or not you want visa help, choose method of payment and click on the Pay button. The bank will e-mail you when your payment has been approved, and our server will e-mail you to thank you for enrolling. That's all there is to it!

In the meantime, you can select both your training venue and your class start-up date.

And, finally, you can just enroll! You may reserve your training location and class start-up date and pay either by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or by bank transfer. Please note, however, that if you pay by credit card, you should contact your card issuer in advance to explain what you are doing, and why, as your issuer may have assigned a user name and password to you for use in making online payments, in order to protect you from some unauthorized person using your information fraululently.

If any of this is confusing, don't worry! We have made the information here as simple as we can for you, but to sort it all through just e-mail Mr James Parmelee or Contact him by any other means.

Note also the following links to pages of this web site. These will lead you to a huge number of resources important to professional EFL and ESL teachers:

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Look no further! Any additional information you might need about our course
(or any other question or concern you might have) is fully addressed right here!