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Qualifications to Enroll

For the TEFL Certificate Course.

A university degree is not mandatory. We have trained many people with only high school (or A-level) achievements, as well as several PhDs - and all categories of people with qualifications in between, from laborers or truck drivers to engineers, doctors and lawyers. Nearly all have been successful, and are now good teachers who are gainfully employed. It should be mentioned also that, whereas "technically" you cannot receive a teacher's license and work permit without a university degree, THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF WONDERFUL TEACHERS IN THAILAND WHO HAVE WORK PERMITS BUT NO DEGREES! Put simply, if you can teach well, Thailand and the Thais need you; and if a school likes your teaching it may help you get a teacher's license and work permit - one way or another.

It would be best to begin with characteristics which would disqualify you, or which should discourage you from applying. These are the following:

  1. Be only a high school graduate (or equivalent) whose performance in English courses was always poor, or at best mediocre. You will not enjoy teaching English, nor will your students enjoy your lessons. Note, however, that this does not mean that you just feel you are poor in grammar, provided that you are fluent, articulate and reasonably good at writing. The lack of grammatical knowledge is overcome through our course, and a special grammar course also is available if you are truly weak or would like simply to make sure of yourself.

  2. If you have any serious reading or reading comprehension difficulties. You should be able to read university level textbooks (however slowly) with good comprehension, as our course entails a considerable amount of reading, and what you learn from doing this needs to be applied in practice teaching sessions in your course training room.

The following is what our previous trainees have shared in common, and these are the qualifications you will need in order to attend our course:

  1. Have and present for inspection, upon your arrival, original copies (and transcripts, if possible) of your highest academic attainment, including, as applicable, your university degree, your high school diploma (or the equivalent), or any other study certificates granted you for the completion of shorter courses of study, especially two-year courses.

  2. Bring or have sent to you written character references to show all potential employers (from at least two people who have known you for a long time) along with a photocopy of your birth certificate, if the latter is available).

  3. Not be a fugitive from justice.

  4. Supply whatever identification may be requested, such as passport number or social security (or other national identification) number). A photocopy of this would be appreciated.

  5. Like and enjoy being with and helping other people generally.

  6. Aspire to teach English to people who are learning our language as either a second or a foreign language.

  7. Pay the course fees.

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