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James parmelee, Thailand National Director TEXT-AND-TALK Academy

Presented by James Parmelee
Thailand National Director

Linked-In Comments about
the TEFL for Target Learner Groups Course
and our Thailand National Director

It is my pleasure to present here the complete list of uncensored recommendations of our TEXT-AND-TALK Academy TEFL Courses that have been posted on the web site by persons who have taken our TEFL Course training and launched great new English teaching and other careers as a result.


David Holcombe, CPA
Energy M&A and Project Finance Analyst

I was actually a student of a educational TEFL program managed and designed by Mr. James Parmelee, while overseas. It was a great experience for me, taught me skills to communicate with students learning English. He is also a very organized person.
May 11, 2013, David was James's client

David Michael Hissey
Professional Training & Coaching Professional

Mr James Parmelee is a very well renowned pioneer and innovative creator of a conceptually brilliant and extremely well conducted course of the ' Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate. He is a truly humble and dedicated educationalist who has also developed and established a bi-lingual family language company that has survived the test of time and indeed has flourished. This is not only an excellent professional/academic achievement but a cultural one also. While there are many more recent organizations that purport to be TEFL/TESOL trainers, for anyone who wishes to re-train in order to become a teacher of English I would only say; "Forget the rest and only study with the best". This is a first class organization that provides extremely comprehensive, valid, pertinent and highly focused short term teacher training programs that, if you study diligently, will give you the necessary skills, comprehension and attributes to become a great teacher of English in a foreign country. Since completing my TEFL studies in 2001 I have taught English for more than ten years in Thailand, which includes some very high level Academic and Corporate organizations. I can honestly and sincerely say that the knowledge and skills that I learned from the training program have been consistently INVALUABLE, and have contributed greatly in my development.

My very best regards and gratitude to James
and the staff of TEXT and TALK Academy.

Educational Psychologist, Business English & International Examination Preparation Trainer (TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL), Curriculum Developer and Director of Studies
March 15, 2013, David Michael was James's client

Art Brondo

I have known James during my stay in Bangkok and I have enrolled in his school Text-and-Talk Academy. He is a great mentor and great friend.
March 12, 2013, Art was James's client

Jamie Simson
English Teacher at Anubarn Chiangrai School

I highly recommend James Parmelee. I worked with him in Text and Talk Academy, Bangkok, for many years, on various projects, including Corporate English training for major multi-national companies, career and interview training, curriculum designing, translation and rewriting. James himself is a talented teacher, author, director and expert in Thai culture and inter-cultural understanding. He is a very charming, friendly and helpful person. He has a extraordinary grasp of the English language and English literature, which is hard to rival. His name is known world-wide especially in connection to the internationally-recognized TEFL training courses (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), which his Academy has been running in Thailand for many years.
March 8, 2013, Jamie worked directly with James at TEXT-AND-TALK Academy

Moz Denn
Trainer at Text & Talk, Chiangmai School

THE TEFL expert in Thailand!
March 8, 2013, Moz was with another company when working with James at TEXT-AND-TALK Academy

Dalton Kavhendekete
Managing Director VisionsAcademy

James is a great manager and fun to work with. He is very professional and is a great teacher trainer plus director at the same time. I would recommend anyone to Text and Talk Academy
March 7, 2013, Dalton was with another company when working with James at TEXT-AND-TALK Academy

Robert Leisk
Apps, Mobile Apps, iOS, Android, HTML5, Blackberry, at Spancept Mobile Applications and WiFi/Proximity Marketing

James created and runs the Text and Talk TEFL courses which were the first in Thailand. I completed the course in 2003 and found it very, very useful in training in Thailand.

March 7, 2013, Robert worked indirectly for James at TEXT-AND-TALK Academy

Lexi Matier
Listing Coordinator at WestOne Properties Group – Keller Williams Realty Portland Central

James is a detail-oriented go-getter. I interviewed him for one of my writing classes I was taking, and he is quick to return a phone call or email personally. I highly recommend James and his academy for TEFL certification and education. Thanks again James!

March 6, 2013, Lexi was with another company when working with James at TEXT-AND-TALK Academy

David Dyess
English Teacher at General English Club

I attended Text-and-Talk Academy in Pattaya, Thailand in April of 2011. Mr. Parmelee's organization was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The TEFL course I took there was exceptionally thorough and was an indispensible step on my journey to becoming an ESL teacher. Text-and-Talk Academy was James' brainchild and has proved its value to thousands of students that has through its doors.
March 6, 2013, David was James's client

Cmiuc Cat
Microsoft Software Developer- Windows 7 Mobile/Windows 8 Metro

Text n Talk was very good for me... the instructor was excellent. James helped me to correct my TnT Certificate to be more professional. Now back in Thailand, I hope I can work with James again... the best for anyone who wants to work abroad in Asia (no matter if its Thailand or China) his certification works!

March 6, 2013, Cmiuc was James's client

Donald Patnaude
Managing Director & Senior Consultant

I met Mr. James Parmelee through Text-and-Talk Academy back in 2008. I had just became an independent agent for his company. I had never met a more organized and dedicated educational professional since I've been involved in education here in Thailand since 2001. He would be the very first person who I would personally contact if I would ever be in need for an employee/partner to run my own company. He has the management skills and people skills to make any company succeed while keeping all the other employees happy because of his determination and outreach abilities. James has made Text-and-Talk Academy the No.1 TEFL site in Thailand.
March 6, 2013, Donald was with another company when working with James at TEXT-AND-TALK Academy

Richard Bird
English Teacher

James provided a professional, reliable, and quality atmosphere at his Text and Talk Academy. Having studied under his tutelage for 6 weeks I am now in a position to further my career as a certified TEFL instructor. Thanks to James and his wonderful staff for their strong support and sharing of their valuable knowledge.
March 6, 2013, Richard was James's client

Tony Brunetti, PhD
Local Food Security and Urban Agriculture Researcher

James was incredibly responsive to all my queries and helping me resolve issues while I was in Thailand to take a TEFL course. I was always treated with professionalism and felt more like a colleague than client. The Text and Talk Academy provided a first class curriculum and teachers for its TEFL courses. I would consider upgrading my TEFL qualifications with Text and Talk when I return to Thailand.
March 5, 2013, Tony was James's client

Andrew Sloman
Marketing Consultant

James provided me with a superb course at the Text-and-Talk academy in Bangkok. I studied to become a TEFL certified English teacher using James' own course material that to my knowledge is the only TEFL certificate that specializes in teaching Asian students. The course helped me to understand the problems that in particular Thai students struggle with learning English while also giving me a basic knowledge of the Thai language. I would highly recommend this course. The staff were exceptional and I completed the course with an A grade. Thank you Text-and-Talk and James Parmelee for sharing with me your great understanding of teaching English in Thailand, a fabulous place to teach.
March 5, 2013, Andrew was James's client

Clyde Haumann
Director at DTS Dansk Thai Sprogskole

I have worked with and been employed by James Parmelee for several years and would like to take this opportunity to recommend James and his work. He has very high work ethics and is only pleased by the very best. I would not, if necessary, hesitate to work for James Parmelee again
March 5, 2013, Clyde worked directly with James at TEXT-AND-TALK Academy

Duran Voak
Teacher at Page Private School

I have known Mr James Parmelee for a period of three years as the Director of TEXT-AND-TALK Academy. I have found him to be committed, professional, and hard-working.

Mr James Parmelee is a competent English teacher, director & professional body with strong work ethics. He possesses an open, accessible personality, and he is sensitive to the issues involved in cross-cultural communication as well as relationships at a professional level. I consider Mr James Parmelee to be a very competent specialist in such fields as English language teaching methodology, educational technologies, language testing, assessment and material design. His research interests in applied linguistics are related to TEFL and ESL teaching methodology. Mr Parmelee has developed TEFL and ESL teaching materials and books of his own from a broad range of sources.

I have no doubt that in view of his qualifications and experience Mr Parmelee will continue to be a productive contributor to the work of his institution and as a conscientious, honest and open-minded person will be a valuable provider for the English language educational sector.

If you need additional information about Mr James Parmelee please contact me via email:

Mr Duran Voak
Head of English Language Teaching Department
Saudi Arabia
March 5, 2013, Duran was James's client

George Gensbichler
Owner at Booksmango
I recommend his company for TEFL course.
March 5, 2013, George was a consultant and publishing contractor to James at TEXT-AND-TALK Academy

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