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Khon Kaen TEFL Courses School Location Map

NOTE: The TEFL Course training location for Khon Kaen, Thailand is shown by #14 on the map below. The Complex Building of Khon Kaen University in which the training academy is located is most easily reached by entering Gate #2 below, and proceeding straight onward for about one kilometer. The Complex Building is located next to the university garden.

Contact information:
Room 242, Food & Service Center (KKU Complex), Khon Kaen University, Mittraphab Road, Khon Kaen 40002. Tel. 6643 202312-3 (within Thailand, 043 202312-3); fax 6643 202313 (within Thailand, 043 202313).

Direct contact with TEFL Course trainer Thomas Bettaque:
Mobile Tel. 082 463 4315 (from abroad, substitute 66 for the first 0); e-mail:

Mobile Direct contact with Ajarn Apinya:
Mobile telephone 081 146 6654 (from abroad, substitute 66 for the first 0); e-mail,

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