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TEFL Course Training for Teaching English Abroad!

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TEFL Home Study Course

A Complete Academic Description of our Home Study TEFL Course, Embodying an All-Important Teaching English to Young Learners Course!

TEFL Course ModulesDesigned especially for persons already teaching in Thailand!

Instead of our regular full-time TEFL Course fee of $1,495.00 USD (currently equal to about 54,000 Thai baht), you have the option, if qualified, of doing our course in the comfort of your own home for a total course fee of just 27,500 Thai baht (25,000 baht basic course fee plus 2,500 baht for end-of-course documents and a bag containing 7 course Modules)!

In fact, you can complete your accredited TEFL Certificate course qualification right at home, whether you have had previous TEFL Certificate course training or not!

The purpose of this course, clearly, is not only to assist teachers now on the job who lack TEFL qualification, but also to add teaching perfection for those who have previously studied a different tefl course, but find themselves still lacking in crucially important key skills.

Enroll and pay your reduced fees now!

Study at your own pace right at home!

After completing the study of each course Module, you then come to our Academy and take the module exam for that Module, after which your TEFL course trainer will grade and record the results. Coordinating with your course trainer, you will also perform a total of six hours of practice teaching with real Thai English students. Finally, when you have finished each module, you will take your final course exam and shortly afterwards walk away with a beautiful TEFL course certificate readily accepted everywhere — and perhaps improve your employment situation, as well!

However... If you HAVE had prior TEFL Certificate course training, you already know a lot, right? Let's find out how much!

Please look at your experience critically, and see how many of the following questions you need to answer 'Yes' to:

1. Do you ever have a hard time figuring out what causes your students' learning problems and what makes them make the same mistakes over and over again? And is this especially true when teaching a new nationality of students?

TEFL Courses DiscoveryThe solution. It is important to realize that most persons teaching English abroad are teaching to student groups who all share, or who mostly share, the same native language, and we call such a class a 'Target Learner Group'. There is a reason for this, and that is that while many teacher training courses stress teaching all, or nearly all, leaners of English in almost exactly the same way, we know that if their teachers are not focused on the basic linguistic differences between their students' language and English, they are not looking at the entire 'bag' of learning problems their students (their 'Target Learner Group') have, nor on what has caused them. It's like shooting at a target blindfolded (forgive the imagery): Sooner or later (generally between a half-year and four years down the road), these students' teachers may begin to figure out both of these things and find a way to help. We can only hope that further on other training courses will begin to recognize this student need and will accommodate it in their training, at least when their graduates are going to be teaching EFL learners.

Such a problem on the part of a teacher is, in fact, wholly needless, and the solutions are easy! Indeed, through the simple techniques of language comparison and contrast taught in our course, you will learn how you can actually walk into a classroom of new students you have never met before and know in advance, and almost completely, what learning problems they have and what to do to help them. (Note that teachers do NOT have to actually know or speak their students' language to be able to do this!)

There are generally complicating learning problems that have to be overcome, of course, in the case of Asian students of English in particular. Most Asian learners, such as the Thais and multiple other nationalities, don't give themselves a chance to practice what they have already learned about our language. Indeed, most simply WILL NOT use English daily in speaking, reading or writing if it can be avoided, because, at the most basic level, they regard it as a foreign language that may later have its place, but which does not have to be used now. Our course accommodates these learners exceedingly well also, and actually gets students using our language rapidly!

2. Do you ever get 'caught out' on some grammar question, potentially causing you to lose credibility with at least your more advanced students?

The solution. Review the easily understandable grammar summary provided especially for EFL and ESL teachers, which we provide to all of our teachers in training in Module 5 of our regular interactive course. This is to enable you to quickly, efficiently and accurately cover any grammar question, so that you can put your students' anxieties at rest and get right back into the conversation lesson you need to be in. It is NOT to help or motivate you to teach grammar!

3. Do you find it unenjoyable trying to adjust from teaching university or international school students to teaching students who understand very little of what you say?

The solution. You have probably taken a teacher training course intended to help you teach the more advanced English learners (or at least ESL learners of some level, who already have the confidence to speak and improve). Every aspect of our course prepares you to teach not only those students, but also the ones who are much weaker, and doing so can also be a lot of fun!

4. Do you find that teaching children is frustrating because of their shorter attention spans, their rowdiness and their failure to respond well to your carefully thought-out lesson plans?

The solution. Study and learn the techniques taught in Part II of our unique TEFL Diploma Course (included with your materials), namely Teaching English to Young Learners, and you will be astounded at how your teaching of children has improved.

5. Do you have problems, through no fault of your own (it seems) with school owners, principals and directors, and with English teachers of the same nationality as your students? Do you ever come to school ready to teach only to find out it is a holiday, and nobody had bothered to inform you? Have you prepared lessons for elementary level children only to find out that you have been switched without warning to teaching high school students? Do you find yourself despairing of teaching effectively when you are thrown into a class of anywhere from 40 to 60 children? (Believe it or not, it can be done!)

The solution. Again, our TEYL Coursebook shows you how to prevent and solve all of these, and many, many other problems you probably have not even thought of!

The answers to ALL of these problematic situations are contained in our regular TEFL Certificate Course, as you have seen above. In fact, for the low fee of just $1,495.00 U.S. (including materials and documents), you would receive an ADDITIONAL wealth of materials and instruction, which themselves are worth $1,335.00 U.S.

However, you have had your teacher training already, and also have obtained some excellent teaching experience. All you are lacking are the special parts of our in-house course (which as we said above are worth $1,335.00), and these you can study at home in our TEFL Home Study Course and earn a beautiful accredited and numbered certificate from TEXT-AND-TALK Academy — while polishing up your teaching performances (and their results) forever!

One highly desirable aspect of the TEFL Home Study Course is the fact that you can complete your course at home at your own pace. You simply send us your exercises and exams as you complete them, and at the end of the course you will receive a beautiful color certificate, numbered and fully accredited.

Here us a brief descripton of the course materials referred to above:

To assist our teacher trainees to become proficient in all of these ways, as well as in all the 'standard' ways taught by other courses and types of courses (mainly through disposable sheets), our own course consists of six Library of Congress copyrighted Modules which are described as follows. Please note that although ALL of our course Modules, including the invaluable TEYL module included as a temporary 2009 special, are crucial to you in becoming an effective teacher of English as a foreign or second language – in the process maximizing your income at all times – We will first describe Module Three of our course, which is the 'Language Comparison Module' we have referred to, and then Module Five, which is 'The Teacher's Grammar Module', as these are what set our course apart from all other training programs:

Module Three: Thai Problems in Learning English: Insightful Consideration of Differences between Thai and English as the Origin of Many Learning Problems. (This Module, through linguistic comparision and contrast of the Thai language with English and vice versa unlocks the sum of Thai learning problems with English and what caused them, as well as what measures a teacher can take to help students overcome the problems. This is more than just a way of helping Thai students, however, as the principles taught here apply to any Target Learner Group in the world, such as native speakers of Arabic, to whom in the back of Module Three our trainees also are prepared to teach successfully! A crucial part of the Module Three teaching system also included with your course modules is the Pronunciation CD. This illustrates how you can help your students improve their pronunciation dramatically, and, of course, their listening comprehension at the same time.

Module Five: English Grammar in Communications: An Important "Portrait Summary" for EFL Instructors, with Special Emphasis on Asian Learner Group Need. This is the English grammar review needed by persons who were not excluded from our course just because they could not remember, or had not learned, the grammatical terminology and parts of speech in English well enough to be able to explain things to students. This is also the English grammar you will need to help you explain grammatical elements and structures to your students quickly, efficiently and accurately, so that you can get them right back into their conversation lesson. (We are in the classroom to get them talking, after all, not to lecture about grammar for an hour or two!) Finally, this is grammar explained in the way you will need to know it in order to help Thais and other Asian learners overcome their unique problems. It's not hard; it's actually fun, if you do not try to memorize the whole book all at one time!

TEFL Diploma Course Part II: Teaching English to Young Learners. This indispensable module covers Child learning theory; how to teach in children's schools, especially Thai and other Asian schools; what to prepare for; lesson planning for young learners; classroom control; choosing and using teacher materials; conducting fun games and role plays, as well as pair and group work; where you should be in the classroom; the vital need for a sense of humor; how to teach larger classes; how to control your teaching situation and get on well with school owners, principals, administrators and other Asian teachers; getting shy students to talk; correcting student errors, and all the other chunks and bits of information you will need to know to be a happy and well-paid teacher of children!

Huge extra benefits! Enroll during this period and ALSO receive ALL the other course materials (including an attractive carrying bag) which are regularly included with our in-house course, including:

Module One: Teacher Orientation: Course Description, Requirements, Objectives and Benefits.

Module Two: The Need for Grammatical Knowledge by the EFL Teacher; and What's in the Books? Practice in Finding and Teaching the Grammatical Skills and Structure of EFL Dialogs.

Module Four, Unit 1: How Students Learn – Preparing the Environment. (Elements of learning theory; environmental factors; the different roles of teachers; the different personality types of students; cultural imperatives for the teacher trainees; principles of teaching; Class Control; Teacher Faults; Job Aids for Course Preparation, and many, many other essential subject areas.

Module Four, Unit 2: Successful Lesson Planning. 120 pages to make sure you have a good "flight plan" when you step into the classroom! The most complete lesson planning materials of any teaching certificate training course.

Module Four, Unit 3: Effective classroom techniques. Setting up a a productive learning environment and constructing a really good lesson plan are crucial. However, nothing will work if there isn't a lot of fun going on in the classroom! This unit contains a wealth of fun role plays, games and interactive situations to get everyone in the classroom involved and having fun. (Everything else disappears, in the students' minds: The are learning English and they're having fun. That's all that matters to them!)

Module Six: Teaching in the "Real World": Practical Tips, Guidelines and Readings to Ensure Success in EFL Teaching. Something else missing from most teacher training programs! What to do if you have to substitute teach for a friend who is sick (and didn't leave a lesson plan); how to teach from another teacher's lesson plan; how to correct students' mistakes without destroying their confidence; how to teach children; how to teach private students; how to teach business English: indeed, everything you need to know to go and teach successfully in the real world of EFL! That's what it's all about, isn't it?

Finally, we include among your module materials, the elementary level of Raymond Murphy's famous book, English Grammar in Use. This book is too easy for you! It's your "pharmacy". In other words, when you see your students making the same mistakes over and over again (that is, by habit), you just copy the appropriate two pages from this book and give these to your students to do as homework. Then you spend a few minutes going over the homework and giving just a few short explanations and making some examples, and your students' mistakes begin to be a thing of the past.

This will certainly enable you to 'catch up', or at least experience an excellent review, on what you have already learned as a teacher.

So don't delay!
With this TEFL Home Study Course
you will ensure your development
as an ESL/EFL teacher,
as well as your right
to be paid the income you deserve
for providing the gift of English
to the lovely Thai people.

Enroll and pay your reduced fees now!

For further information, you are welcome to
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Thailand National Director TEXT-AND-TALK Academy:
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