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Confused by the huge number of courses on offer?? DON'T BE! Read comments by our recent graduates and even e-mail them!

From a couple graduating in Bangkok:

Hi James,

Hope you are well.

Wanted to let you know how much fun Clinton and myself had during the course. We have achieved our goals. We have learnt so much during these 6 weeks and I thank you for that.

We both know I was very scared to come to Thailand and do the course through Text and Talk and I don't regret one second of it now.

Defiantly the best TEFL school in Thailand.

I would like to thank Ben and Jane for the great advice and tips and to all the ladies that made us feel welcome at reception.

The best for last, Albert our trainer. Albert is a great trainer, he was always there for us and gave us such great tips and advice on everything. He has great techniques when it comes to training and we have all gained from that. He mentioned in the first week that he wants to turn us into great teachers (Mr G) and yes he achieved that. He was not just a teacher but, became a friend which helped everyone to be comfortable.

Remember when we chatted on skype regarding the course and I asked if I could speak to someone that has done the course through Text and Talk and you told me that you are not allowed to send personal details out. Well if anyone in the future asks for that like I did, I would be glad to respond to some emails.

E-mail Nicole Rodrigues: nixrodrix@live.co.za

Thank you James for all the support and for the great 6 week course.

I will defiantly recommend Text and Talk to everyone who wants to get a TEFL cert.

Wishing Text and Talk and your family a great future.

Kind Regards

Nicole and Clinton


From a teacher graduating outside of Bangkok:

Dear James,

Having just completed your 6 week TEFL course upcountry and only have the graduation ceremony on Thursday left to do before I head back to Bangkok, I just thought I would take a couple of minutes to write you this email and say thank you to yourself and your team for such a wonderful experience over the period of the course.

I must say I learned a great many things and my eyes were well and truly opened up to the world of teaching. I just hope I can now find employment and put what I have learned to good use.

Obviously, I've never met yourself but found you were always very helpful in the time leading up to my enrollment and my arrival in Thailand. I thank you for all your help and especially your patience when I would contact you about remedial topics! I've not had much contact with Corey, but he was always friendly and approachable even if he seemed busy with other things. Roger... Hmmm, what can I say about Roger? Painfully honest. He had some good input about the lesson he evaluated for me and did set me back on track, though his delivery was somewhat blunt. Russell was a breath of fresh air and it was a treat to be talking to another Brit who'd done the whole 'move to and teach in Thailand' thing. I found his comments fair and reassuring. This brings me finally to the person I believe to be of the highest value to Text & Talk, my helpful TEFL Course trainer! His delivery of each of the modules was at a pace we were all comfortable with. He gave invaluable advice on his experiences teaching in private schools and one to one tutorials. He made sure that, no matter what, he was always available to us to contact if need be. The trainer is truly a real asset to your team. I've travelled the world with the Royal Navy, met many people and been instructed under some very impressionable people, but this trainer is a true Mentor. I'm sure that no matter where I go from here, I will call on his advice again and look forward to crossing pathswith him again some time in the future. Please pass on my thanks.

So I will leave it here with one final thank you for this experience. Here's to the world the doors of Text & Talk and its staff have opened up for me.

Kindest Regards,

David J Wilson

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