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Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Thailand:


In addition to the numerous teaching opportunities provided by our own academy - including in-house, in companies and in homes and children's schools - other schools are just as keenly interested in hiring our trained teachers! These institutes include language schools, children's schools, universities and international schools, not only in Bangkok but in the outer provinces, as well. In fact, at least two or three school representatives may plan to be with you on the date you graduate from our course to tell you about themselves and their teaching opportunities and pay, and of course invite you to visit them and give a teaching presentation! Among such schools are institutes which have up to 50 locations around the country and are crying out for help in acquiring trained teachers whether they have had prior teaching experience or not!

Really urgent teacher needs are generally listed in the classified section of the local Bangkok Post newspaper:


Still, many other opportunities, of varied forms and settings, are available to you if you are a trained teacher, and schools frequently list their current teacher needs at the web sites of persons who collect this data and enjoy accommodating the needs of both schools in need of teachers and teachers in need of schools. The following are three different web sites that you can check out, not only to see what teaching work is currently available, but also to learn about some aspects of life in Thailand which we may not fully have covered here. These web sites are:



NOTE: There's always good work available for you somewhere in The Land of Smiles!

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