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Thailand News Today with Analysis!

Interested in Thailand?

Stay up to date conveniently with a CUSTOMIZED ANALYSIS OF EVENTS

by reading the latest news reported in The Bangkok Post and The Nation Newspaper!

THEN CLOSE each newspaper window (i.e., BACK SPACE) and RETURN HERE to

acquire by e-mail a timely analysis of the relevant events by our Events Guru!

(NOTE: If you are not an 'old Thailand hand', the local news by itself may not fully reveal what is really going on in the Land of Smiles, and why that could be important to you!)

Below are the links. (Don't forget to close each newspaper window after reading stories there, then return here to post your e-mail to our Events Guru for his analysis. Finally, be specific in your question, as our Guru has many duties and will only provide the analysis requested. Please send only one question per e-mail, preferably about teaching English in Thailand, unless you are also thinking about doing a TEFL Course.)

The Bangkok Post

Now contact The Events Guru to request his analysis here!

The Nation Newspaper

Now contact The Events Guru to request his analysis here!

Finally, have you had your TEFL Course training yet? If not, the information below may be of interest to you:

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