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The EFL/ESL Teacher's Checklist for Teaching Abroad

How to know when you've taught a great lesson!

How well did you just do in your teaching presentation? If you are realistic, you will know if you did well or not, though it may not always be clear immediately exactly why. And that's not very useful, is it? If you are not sure, or if you are like most of us and want to find out how you could have done better and how you can and will do better next time, the following Presentation Checklist will impart to you all the information you will need to know. Please understand that if you have not had teacher training yet, you will certainly have missed out on some of the great ways we have of improving ourselves in the areas we are rating ourselves on below!

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Note, however, that it doesn't matter how experienced we are or how well trained we are as teachers, we all need to evaluate our own performances from time to time. And if you are new and inexperienced teachers (at least at teaching EFL or ESL), it is absolutely imperative to rate your performances, not only for the benefit of your students, but also to ensure that you will qualify for the best paying jobs available! Okay, ready? Here goes ....!


English teacher checklist


Rate Yourself:

(1 to 10)

1. Voice

____________ A.) Loud and clear speech

____________ B.) Modulation

____________ C.) Tone

____________ D.) Rate of speech

____________ E.) Articulation (pronunciation)

____________ F.) Stress (emphasis)

____________ G.) Fillers (hesitancy)

____________ 2. Organization of the Presentation

____________ 3. Coordinated body movement / body language

____________ 4. Movement

____________ 5. Eye contact

____________ 6. Facial expression

____________ 7. Hand gestures

____________ 8. Minimum of 2 visual aids (variety, color)

____________ 9. Time control

____________ 10. Environment: seating, lighting, air, temperature

____________ 11. Logic and flow

____________ 12. Questioning technique: to and from

____________ 13. Effective use of aids

____________ 14. Knowledge

____________ 15. Appearance

____________ 16. Pleasing (not bad or distracting) mannerisms

____________ 17. Confidence

____________ 18. Class control

____________ 19. Approachability

____________ 20. Firm, fair and friendly impression


(Also Check your Lesson Plan!)

____________ = Total

____________ = of possible 260 (Divide total above by this number)


____________% Score (Multiply result above times 100)

What this means: If your score is under 90%, you will still need to
do some work on improving your presentations!

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