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TEFL Course Training Site: Chiang Mai

Before choosing where to do your own TEFL course, you need to know that we do training in four beautiful locations: Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen and Bangkok. Below, we tell you about Chiangmai, and included with each description of the course location is a map showing you exactly how to find us.

CHIANG MAITEFL Courses Chiang Mai Training Site

The TEFL for Target Learner Groups Course is proudly conducted in Chiang Mai, known as “The Rose of the North” (and also as the “Gateway to China”), which, with its many schools greatly in need of TEFL-trained English teachers, is one of the most popular living and teaching areas in Thailand.

Chiang Mai is over 700 years old and is an historic and cultural center famed for its cooler weather, its temples, and the nearby villages of hilltribe peoples. Our Chiang Mai TEXT-AND-TALK Academy is located in by far the most beautiful, luxurious and centrally located part of the city (see map), at 17/1 Thaiwang Road, Tambon Chiang Moi, Amper Muang, Chiang Mai 50300. Our Academy is also nearby delicious Thai and international restaurants, as well as hotels and apartments, the Night Bazaar, and the famous “Walking Street” where everything “happens” in the refreshingly cool breezes of evening! For lots of information about Chiang Mai, go to:

Thus, though Chiang Mai is classed as the second major city of Thailand, following Bangkok, nearly everyone finds the pace of life to be slower and friendlier there than in Bangkok or elsewhere, and many like it just that way! The famous Loy Krathong festival, the wild Songkran water-throwing extravaganza, and many other festivals, parades and celebrations fill the yearly calendar. Northern Thai food also has many special and delicious dishes to delight the palate (and you have not visited the North until you’ve tried a Khantoke dinner)! Finally, if you like living near mountains, hiking, low prices, or simply enjoying a more gentle pace of life, then Chiang Mai is the place for you to do our course and launch your career! (See also the Class Start-up Dates page for Chiang Mai classes.)

A word of caution! Ours is the FIRST AND ONLY internationally recognized training course for English teachers of Asian students! This means that while our graduate teachers can teach with unique effectiveness to any national group of earth, only our course provides what they need to know to accommodate the long-neglected needs of Asian English learners. There have been many who have tried to construct a course that 'looks' like our own, but none have ever been successful in producing one that gets the same results. Therefore, for your own well-being and future, you would be wise to ask any other Thai course provider how long they have been in business. If that is less than five years, just say "No!". Beware of how you spend your money in making such an important 'career change' as this one.

If you are already in Chiang Mai, or in Thailand and on your way there, you can contact the Chiang Mai Academy Manager and Academy Director, Ms Sujitra Pinsuwan, nickname "Awm" (she spells it "Aom"), for further information on +6689-263-0212 (locally, 089-263-0212), or you can email her at You may also contact the TEFL Course trainer, Moz Denn, at +6681-163-1980, (locally, 081-163-1980 or email him: Finally, if you need visa assistance (the best time to seek this is while you are still abroad), we invite you to contact Mr James Parmelee of our Bangkok Academy on +6681-847-7248 (locally, 081-847-7248); e-mail This is a free service provided by our Academy to TEFL class enrollees. If you call either of these numbers from abroad, just dial the "66" country code before the above numbers first (and keep in mind the time zone difference between where you are and Thailand).

So, have you decided which is the best location for you to do our course? Have you also selected a class start-up date convenient for you? Then now is the time to save a place in the class of your choice.

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