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TEFL Course Training Site: Pattaya

Rated "The Best Place in Thailand to Have Some Fun
While Learning to Teach"

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Pattaya at the SLS Training Center is a really great place to learn
how to teach English to your eager Thai students!

In Pattaya, you not only have a chance to learn in the world's most comprehensive and popular TEFL Courses (the TEFL for Target Learner Course of TEXT-AND-TALK Academy). you also will be attending a course which is owned and overseen by two of the most caring teachers and business people ever to grace Thailand, Teacher and professional Business Executive Mr Paul Lambert, the TEFL Course Director, and Mrs Piyasiri Lambert, MBA and School Principal.

Pattaya school reception deskPattaya TEFL DirectorsTeaching Practice








Left: One of our hard-working clerical staff: Center: Paul and Piyasiri Lambert;
Trainee teacher Kristina in observed teaching class.


Three TEFL GradsGraduating









Two groups of TEFL Course graduates about to embark on their new teaching careers.

Happy TEFL Grads






A typically happy group of new ESL/EFL teachers on graduation day!

Pattaya TEFL Course trainer Ciliian Hayes

Pictured left is one of the very best TEFL Course trainers in the
world today, Mr Cillian Hayes, who will ensure your teaching success no matter where you go.


Pattaya is truly a wonderland in many ways, with friendly beaches, golf courses and other recreational areas, shopping centers and exciting night life, no one in Pattaya is ever bored! Read why! Our Pattaya-based SLS Training Center is located right in the center of Pattaya, and not far from the beach! From South Pattaya Road, just make a right on Soi LK Pavillion, and then take the second soi left. A map of our Pattaya Academy's location is given in the SCHOOL MAP PAGE of our web site.

With our course certificate, don't worry about getting work!
There are jobs in many places in Pattaya, and it is really easy getting around!

Here, where the trained teacher shortage is acute, there are a number of language public schools, government schools, international schools, and universities, as well as hundreds of companies and innumerable homes where trained English teachers are needed and sought after daily.(See the Class Start-up Dates page for the Bangkok schedule.)

A word of caution! Ours is the FIRST AND ONLY internationally recognized training course for English teachers of Asian students, and the only one that qualifies teachers to teach all ages and levels of students, from small children up through the company CEO!
This means that while our graduate teachers can teach with unique effectiveness to any national group of earth, only our course provides what they need to know to accommodate the long-neglected needs of Asian English learners.

NOTE: To contact the TEFL Course director or course trainers for further information, you can e-mail them at:, or you can call Khun Chompoo on +66 38 410 655 if you are abroad, or 038 410 655 if you are already in Thailand. Finally, to receive Thailand visa advice, you can reach Thailand National Director Mr James Parmelee by e-mail on:, or if you'd like to call James from abroad, just dial +6681-847-7248 (66 being the Thailand country code, while keeping in mind in all cases the time zone difference between where you are and here). Alternatively, if you are already in Thailand, you can call James on 081 847 7248. In summary, if you would like to get information or advice directly, or need visa assistance while still abroad (the best time to request it!), James is ready and willing to help you by either telephone call or e-mail. James’s e-mail address, again, is, or you may contact him by other means as shown here. This is free assistance provided by our Academy to all TEFL class enrollees.

Look no further! Any additional information you might need about our course
(or any other question or concern you might have) is fully addressed right here!