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Visa Assistance for Trainees of our TEFL Course for Target Learner Groups

Currently, trainees in our TEFL Course do not need our assistance to acquire a suitable visa for Thailand!

You should contact your nearest Thai consulate and apply for a two-month tourist visa, which can be extended by one additional month here, or sometimes you can acquire a double-entry tourist visa, which gives you six months of stay altogether. Note that on your visa application, you should state ONLY that you want to take a holiday here, else you might be asked for documents that you don't have!

If you hold a university degree, your employer can convert the tourist visa to a non-immigrant B and help you to get a work permit.

If you lack a degree, we will give you assistance in acquiring an education visa, which will keep you in country without having to leave your classes untaught while on a visa run. Note that although you will not get a work permit with the education visa, the critical shortage of tefl-trained teachers ensures that you will nonetheless acquire a good job. Be advised, also, that the overwhelming majority of tefl-trained teachers here also will be working without a work permit, and these have no problem.

Note, again, that the tourist visa (the real visa, NOT just a border stamp-in) will give you a sufficient period of stay without any problem. Also, check with your Thai consulate regarding the conditions for a multiple-entry tourist visa, which could give you a stay here (with three one-day border crossings) for a considerable period of time.

All visas need to be acquired not earlier than 2 months before your arrival, but the clock does not begin ticking on the visa period until you actually arrive. This gives you more than enough time to complete your TEFL Course and get work, after which -- if you hold a university degree -- your employer will get you a work permit.

Does any of the above puzzle you? If so, why? What we are talking about here are the facts that will be useful to you, which do not in any way reflect our position on degrees. Having said this, we can tell you with absolute assurance that no university degree in any field will help you to become a successful and productive ESL/EFL teacher! Even a degree in education with an emphasis on teaching English will not help, as knowing how to teach English native speakers is literally a world away from how to teach English learners who are struggling to learn our language as a foreign or second language.

Indeed, we have trained numerous persons with degrees in education, even Masters Degrees in education, and, so far twenty-seven holders of PhDs (many with decades of teaching experience back home), and NONE of these persons had a clue about how to teach ESL/EFL learners when they joined our course!

Finally, though many professions can absolutely not be pursued without a requisite university degree, this is not true with regard to teaching English as a foreign or second language. What IS required is that you learn how to do it through our uniquely-qualifying TEXT-AND-TALK Academy TEFL training course.

Teaching English successfully abroad is not 'Rocket Science', after all! It just requires that you learn how to do it correctly and well, and that you dedicate yourself to the profession. And having either a university degree or a work permit, or both, will NEVER make that happen!

So how does it happen, anyway, that upwards of 70% of TEFL-trained teachers in Thailand lack degrees? Think about it! How many people who are pursuing a well-paid and rewarding career back home suddenly decide that they want to give up their job and sell their home and car and other possessions and come to Thailand just to teach English? It does happen, and we and the Thais greatly respect them for that; but the overwhelming majority of people don't do that!

What is Thailand known for, after all? It's a great holiday destination where the locals are always smiling, friendly and tolerant. People come here on holiday, often many times, until one day they decide to give up their pursuit of a degree and train to be an EFL/ESL teacher in order to 'give something back' to the Thai people they have come to know and love!

So based on the above, if you also decide to come here and pursue an English teaching career without a university degree or work permit, you have our bessing! Just 'keep your nose clean' and all will be well, not only for you but for your students! And if you do hold a university degree in any field, you will also get your work permit!

In any case, please place your trust in our ability and desire to take care of your needs, and don't spend a lot of time worrying about visas or work permits! We will not only train you as a professional teacher - We can assure you that, following your successful completion of our training course, you will gain good employment - meaning you will never have to leave 'The Land of Smiles' again ever, unless you wish to!

Finally, *do not even consider coming in without a visa and getting a 30-day stamp-in, if you can avoid it!* This 'visa' cannot be extended, so you would have to journey into a neighboring country and then go to the Thai Consulate there and acquire a real tourist visa before starting your course - not the ideal way to begin what should be an excellent and exciting teaching career in Thailand!

You may also contact Mr James Parmelee via e-mail ( for any further information you might need about visas.

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