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TEFL Course Training for Teaching English Abroad!

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Choose a Course with a Future!

Confused by the huge number of courses on offer?? DON'T BE!

Our TEFL Course certificate is readily accepted by educational institutions all over the world. However, to teach English in Thailand and MAXIMIZE earnings, you should choose to train with TEXT-AND-TALK Academy*!

Fact: Only the Thai Ministry of Education, in coordination with the Teachers Council of Thailand, possesses the authority to authorize teacher work permits, and most employing schools require EFL/ESL teaching qualifications. Regarding such qualifications, the MoE Teacher Admissions office in Bangkok accepts and acknowledges the following 3 certificates only:

  • ONE TESOL Certificate
  • ONE TESL Certificate
  • ONE TEFL Certificate
The accepted TEFL Certificate is ours, and a TEFL Certificate is what hiring schools generally look for and prefer in Thailand job applicants! That's right: Only the TEFL certificate from TEXT-AND-TALK Academy* is accepted by the Thai MoE Teacher Admissions office in Bangkok!

To secure your future, qualify with TEXT-AND-TALK Academy*.

*Since 1991.

Look no further! Any additional information you might need about our course
(or any other question or concern you might have) is fully addressed right here!