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Get a Substantial Reward for you TEFL Courses Now!

(Or a nice discount on your TEFL Course Fees!)

Just for telling a friend about this web site!

If you like our TEFL Course website and feel it is useful, why not do a favor for a friend (or even several friends) who would love working in the Land of Smiles and let them enjoy it too?

If you do, and you have already completed our course, we will not only compensate you with a handsome reward when (and, of course, if) they enroll on our full-time interactive TEFL Course and pay their fees — and if you and they enroll together, we will ALSO give each of you a nice discount off the listed fee!

To qualify, you must e-mail your friend, or friends, the following text exactly (along with your own personal message, of course), and ALSO Cc your e-mail to parmelee@langserv.com, so that we will know that the recommendation came from you.


The TEFL Course Guru...

I thought I might share with you something I am getting, or already have been, interested in, and was wondering what you'd think and if you might be interested yourself. Don't laugh, because this may surprise you, but I've really been thinking a lot lately about the advantages of starting a new life teaching English in Thailand — after qualifying, of course! If you'd like to see how my mind is drifting right now, here is a great website from Thailand's TEXT-AND-TALK Academy where you can learn absolutely everything about living and working in the place everyone calls "The Land of Smiles". Just go here: http://www.teflteachthai.com. And if you contact them for more information, just e-mail parmelee@langserv.com and mention my name so we could both qualify for a discount or compensaltion, if you are interested.

NOTE: IN ADDITION TO YOUR MONETARY REWARD, when you and your friends enroll in our full interactive TEFL Certificate Course, each of you enrolling together will receive a U.S. $95.00 discount on course fees immediately upon advance notification and approved payment!